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Wire brushes
Wire brushes . The wheel wire brushes are used for cleaning surfaces and for removing flux and scale etc. Approx. 20 mm diameter and supplied with 2.34 mm shank.
From €3.00 *
SET: Reibahlen - 5-kantig
Set of cutting-broaches
Set of cutting-broaches, 5 flutes, conical, out of tool steel with plastic handles. For deburring, reaming and enlargement of drill holes in thin material. Set of 6 pcs. 0.4 – 1.4 mm Ø
From €17.90 *
Entgrater Martor Trimmex Swivel
Deburrer Martor Trimmex Swivel
Universal-deburrer, holder with turntable blade. Blade fits itself to outlines of working unit. For reaming of edges after cutting of metals and plastics.
€13.90 *
Reibahlen - zylindrisch
Reamers, cylindrical
Cylindrical reamers, HSS to DIN 212, especially for reaming and after drilling of holes, of which exact fit is important.
€29.90 *