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Strahlmittel Sand
Blasting material, sand
Blasting material for sandblasting tool; special grain size. Box containing 2.5 kg.
Content 2.5 kg (€7.96 * / 1 kg)
€19.90 *
Mini sandblasting tool
Mini sandblasting tool indispensible for removing old varnish films, for cleaning surfaces, for etching glass. Can be driven with all small compressors (2-3 bar). Pressure hose with ¼" adapter for compressor and 340g blasting material...
€88.90 *
Strahlmittel Glasperlen
Blasting material, glass
Extra fine grains of glass for fine cleaning of surfaces of all materials. Box containing 2 kg.
Content 2 kg (€9.95 * / 1 kg)
€19.90 *
Ersatzteile für Mini-Sandstrahlgerät
Mini sandblasting tool, spare parts
Mini sandblasting tool, spare parts.
From €4.90 *