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Spezial-Seitenschneider für Federstahldrähte
Special side cutting nipper
Special side cutting nipper, length 130 mm, for cutting our spring wires to max. 1 mm.
€27.90 *
Spezial-Seitenschneider für Kunststoffteile
Special side cutter without bevel
Special side cutter without bevel. 125 mm long with spring tension action, insulated grips. For the clean cutting of plastic parts. Not be used for other purposes.
€15.90 *
Spezial-Seitenschneider für Messing-Gussteile
Special side cutter
Special side cutter with angled head and without bevel. 135 mm long with spring tension and insulated grips. For the clean cutting of brass casting parts. Best quality made in Solingen (Germany). Not suitable for other uses.
€48.90 *
Diagonal cutting nipper
Diagonal cutting nipper, length 115 mm for brass wire up to 0.8 mm, mild steel wire up to 0.5 mm.
€20.90 *
Compact Diagonal Cutter
Compact Diagonal Cutter, length 200 mm for cutting our spring wires (piano wire) to max. 3.6 mm, for soft wire to max. 6.0 mm. Exceptional cutting performance with minimum effort because of unsurpassedly effective lever action design,...
€45.90 *
XURON Seitenschneider
XURON Sprue Cutter
XURON Sprue Cutter, High Precision Shear. Precision ground blades, featuring our patented Micro-Shear® blade by-pass, combined with a special ultra tapered shape provide clean, flush cuts in extremely restricted areas. Comfortable...
From €18.90 *
Seitenschneider Oberleitung » Sommerfeldt Oberleitung bündig schneiden
Side Cutter, strong
Side Cutter, strong . Strong tool for a flush cut. Special INDUCTION treatment of blades. For the cutting of copper wire up to 2.50 mm (AWG 10) and ferrous materials up to 1.6 mm (AWG 14). Steel thickness 3.0mm. Tool length 160mm.
€22.90 *