High-quality watchmaker tool for your workshop

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Watch makers hammer
Watch makers hammer. For fine work. Head-length 60 mm, weight 32 g.
€9.90 *
Uhrmacherpinzette gerade antimagnetisch 115 mm
Watch makers tweezers
Watch makers tweezers. Precision tweezers with fine pointed ends, antimagnetic. Length 120 mm.
€5.90 *
Uhrmacherlupe 3-fach
Eye glass for watch makers
Eye glass for watch makers, 3x magnification, plastic case.
€4.50 *
Watch makers tray
Watchmaker tray. An aid when taking apart and as-sembling small items such as clocks watches and gear boxes etc. in light coloured plastic; 90 mm diameter with 6 compartments (three-part).
€4.90 *
Uhrmacherpinzette gerade,vernickelt
Watch makers tweezers
Watch makers tweezers, with fine pointed ends. Nickel plated, approx. 108 mm long.
€8.90 *
Screw Holding Screwdriver for Watchmakers
Watchmaker screw-holding screwdriver for screws up to M 3. length 120, width of blade 1,6 mm.
€26.90 *