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Niete aus Kupfer mit Halbrundkopf DIN 660 für Modellbau
Rivets DIN 660 copper with half-round head
Rivets DIN 660 copper with half-round head, about 50 pcs.each packing. d = shank-Ø, D = head-Ø, L = shank length
Content 50 Stück (€0.08 * / 1 Stück)
€3.80 *
Mikro Niete aus Messing mit rundem Kopf  für Modellbau
Micro rivets
Micro rivets, made of brass, with round head. These tinies should be soldered or glued from the back. For all measurements of aprox.1:30 to 1:200. Approx. 40 pcs. each pack.
€8.50 *
Schrauben Sortimentskasten aus Kunststoff
Screw assortment box
Screw assortment box with transparent plastic hinged lid. Ideal for storage screws, nuts and very small parts. Measurements: 207 x 112 x 23 mm. 36 compartments 15 x 33 x 18 mm each.
€6.80 *
Mini Nägel Stahl blank für Modellbau (versch. Längen)
Mini nails
Mini nails, steel shiny with flat head, special sizes; approx. 500 pcs. each pack. Indispensable for model engineering, model ship building and model aeroplane constructions.
Content 500 Stück (€0.01 * / 1 Stück)
From €2.70 *
Nietvorrichtung für Modellbau (versch. Nietköpfe)
Riveter made of steel and aluminium with 3 different drillings for half-round rivets and 3 drillings for flat-head rivets (e.g. for construction of motion for steam locomotives) on revolving table. Incl. 3 different silver steel rivet...
€74.90 *