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Smoothing file

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Nadelfeilen verschiedene Typen und Hieb (einzeln)
Needle files
Needle files, round shank, 160 mm, cut 1 (bastard) Needle files, round shank, 140 mm, cut 3 (fine) Needle files, round shank, 100 mm, cut 4 (very fine) hand - round - square - triangular - half round - knife
From €3.20 *
Micro needle files round length 100 mm
Micro needle files, round, length 100 mm, cut 1 and 2, diameters 1.0 mm. Special file, almost unobtainable now! 1,0 mm Ø cut 2 1,2 mm Ø cut 1
€16.90 *
Set of riffler files
Set of riffler files. Set of 6 different shapes. 150 mm long, Swiss 2nd cut (fine). For filing in difficult places.
€79.90 *
Mikro Nadelfeile vierkant
Micro needle file square 80 mm long
Micro needle file, square, 80 mm long, largest diam. 1 x 1 mm, cut 4, cut length: 50 mm.
€42.90 *
Riffelfeilensatz - Hergestellt in der Schweiz
Set of riffler files - made in Swiss
Set of riffler files. Set of 6 different shapes. 150 mm long, Swiss 2nd cut (fine). For filing in difficult places. Made in Swiss.
€119.00 *
Set of key files
Set of key files. 6 files with wooden handle in plastic wallet: pillar, triangular, square, half round, round, warding. Length of cut 100 mm.
€14.90 *
SET: Diamant-Nadelfeilensatz
Set of diamond needle files
Set of diamond needle files. 5 files: triangular, square, round, half round, pillar for hard and hardened metals. Length of cut 70mm, length 140 mm in plastic wallet.
€12.90 *
File for grooves, pillar
File for grooves, pillar, very thin: 10 x 0.4 mm, 100 mm long, cut 3, without wooden handle.
€28.90 *
Watchmaker files
Watchmaker files, high quality. Set of 12 various types supplied in plastic wallet. Size 140 mm, 5th swiss cut.
€69.90 *
Multipurpose mini file
Multipurpose mini file with steel handle, PVC-coated. Cut length 100 mm. Cross-section 10 x 4 mm, special cut for work coloured and soft metals, wood and plastics.
€6.90 *
Reinigungsbürste für Feilen
File cleaning brush, brass
File cleaning brush, brass. A very good result will be achieved by use with cleaning petroleum.
€3.90 *
Feilen- und Werkzeugheft
Handle of plastic
Handle of plastic for our needle files and other tools. Capacity 2-5 mm, length 95 mm.
€8.90 *
SET: Nadelfeilen (grob oder fein)
Set of needle files, cut 1, 3 or 4
Set of needle files. 6 files: triangular, square, round, half round, pillar, knife. Length 160 mm, cut 1 (bastard) in plastic wallet. Also for wood and plastics. Length 140 mm, cut 3 (fine) in plastic wallet. Length 100 mm, cut 4 (very...
From €17.00 *