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Proxxon Mikro Hartlötgerät
Micro-Piezo gas torch
Micro-Piezo gas torch, for soldering, hard and soft. Uses normal cigarette lighter butane gas fuel. Adjustable flame and temperature: max. 1300° C.
€39.50 *
Universalhalter Proxxon UHZ (Gerätehalter für Micromot)
Universal Holder UHZ
Universal Holder with ball and socket, easily and securely to be fitted to a workbench or table (max. 60 mm) top by means of a wing nut. For MICROMOT.
€24.50 *
Hot wire cutting device Proxxon Thermocut 12 E
Hot wire cutting device Proxxon Thermocut 12 E
Hot wire cutting device THERMOCUT 12/E <
€37.50 *
Ersatzschneidedraht für Styroporschneider - Heißdrahtschneider
Replacement cutting wire
Replacement cutting wire, 10 pieces. Easy to bend, therefore ideal for modelling.
€14.90 *
Handbuch für kreative Modellbauer (Proxxon)
Book: Handbuch für kreative Modellbauer (Proxxon)
Handbuch für kreative Modellbauer (Proxxon) Autoren: Tilman Wallroth, Heinrich J. Franken. In German language only! MICROMOT Modellbauhandbuch mit über 370 Seiten an Informationen und Tipps aus allen Bereichen des Modellbaus. Alle...
€7.25 *
Tischbohrmaschine (Spann-Ø = 1,00 - 3,20 mm)
Table drill machine
Table drill machine with tail-spindle feed and ball-bearing spindle. 3 spindle speeds by changing the drive belt. Motor 220-240 Volts, 85 Watts. Spindle speed 1800 - 4700 and 8500 rpm. Including 6 collets, capacity 1.0 
€175.00 *
Bohrfutter für Tischbohrmaschine (Ø = 0,50 - 6,00 mm)
Chuck for table drill machine
Chuck for table drill machine, capacity 0.5 - 6 mm, incl. chuck key.
€11.50 *
Maschinenschraubstock für Tischbohrmaschine (Proxxon MS 4)
Vice for table drill machine
Vice for table drill machine made of aluminium cast. Max. capacity 34 mm.
€14.90 *
Feinmechaniker-Schraubstock für Werkbänke und Tischplatten (Proxxon FMZ)
Precision-Vice, made of die-cast zinc. With ball joint to be rotated and swivelled in all directions and clamp for quick and secure fastening to workbenches and table tops up to 60 mm thickness. 
€29.50 *
Feinmechaniker-Schraubstock mit Saugfuß und Kugelgelenk (Proxxon FMS 75)
Vice for precision engineering
Vice for precision engineering, its head rotates a full 360 de-grees and tilt 180 degrees from vertical to horizontal. Can be attached instantly and securely to any smooth surface. Jaw width of 75 mm and clamping size of 70 mm.
€29.50 *
Bohrschleifer (mit Spannzangen) Proxxon Micromot 50E
Minidrill MICROMOT 50/E, for milling and drilling, electronic speed control from 5,000 - 20,000 rpm, stable housing of fibreglass, with steel collets in sizes 1.0-1.5-2.0-2.4-3.0-3.2 mm. MICROMOT -Transformer is necessary. 12V DC, 40 W....
€32.90 *
Biegewelle Proxxon Micromot 110/BF
Flexible Drive Proxxon Micromot 110 BF
Flexible Drive 110/BF extremely flexible, triple ball bearing system, with quick-action chuck of 0.3-3.2 mm. Total length 100 cm. For maximum speed of 25,000rpm.
€28.50 *
Transformer Proxxon Micromot NG 2 E
Transformer Proxxon Micromot NG 2 E
Transformer NG 2/E with electronic speed control. 220-240 V, capacity of 2.0 A at 12 V under load, weight 1 kg.
€28.50 *
Bohrschleifer (mit Bohrfutter) Proxxon Micromot 50/EF
Rotary tool 
€31.50 *
Micro-Heißluftpistole Proxxon MH 550
MICRO-Heat gun MH 550
MICRO-Heat gun MH 550, small, robust and powerful. Complete with 3 additional nozzles. For shrinking sleeves, for shaping and welding plastics and de-soldering electrical components.
€37.90 *

Proxxon or Dremel? For many precision mechanics, this decision is not easy at first. We have been choosing PROXXON for many years and offer selected tools in our online shop.

Our customers give us mainly positive testimonials about the products used. It doesn't matter whether the assignment takes place in the workplace in the professional environment, in the project in the workshop or in the hobby.

Machines for model making and precision mechanical work

Our PROXXON brand shop contains a specially selected range of tools for precision engineering projects at model railway companies and model makers. In the meanwhile extensive PROXXON product range of fohrmann-WERKZEUGE you will find the best tools for the machining of your workpiece. Besides the well-known high quality power tools, you can also buy vices from us online.