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XURON Biegezange
XURON Micro Bending Pliers
Micro Bending Pliers from XURON. Unique forming blades shape wires and light gauge strips of brass and aluminum. Ideal for adjusting trip pins up or down on N, HO and O sized couplers. Ergonomically designed like all Xuron tools to...
€24.90 *
XURON Schneider Stahl und Eisen
XURON-Hard Wire Shear
XURON-Hard Wire Shear is rated for hardened wire, music wire, memory wire and throttle cable. It does not require any special cutting technique. This is an ideal tool for crafters who need to cut a wide variety of materials. Use our...
€26.90 *
XURON Gleisschneider
XURON Railway Cutter
XURON Railway Cutter from special steel. Cuts cleanly through model railway tracks. Available in 2 different versions, made in USA. XURON Railway Cutter for tracks made of brass and nickel steel (e.g. Roco, Tillig, Fleischmann, Peco)...
From €24.90 *
XURON Schere für Photoätzteile 130 mm
XURON High Precision Scissor
XURON High Precision Scissor, cuts small photoetched parts with a clean, square edge. Rated for cutting soft metals up to 0.005" / 0.25 mm.
From €25.90 *
XURON Seitenschneider
XURON Sprue Cutter
XURON Sprue Cutter, High Precision Shear. Precision ground blades, featuring our patented Micro-Shear® blade by-pass, combined with a special ultra tapered shape provide clean, flush cuts in extremely restricted areas. Comfortable...
From €18.90 *