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Abkantvorrichtung für Bleche
Mini Etched Sheet Bender
Mini Etched Sheet Bender, for photo-etched parts to 0.5 mm. Size 105 x 105 mm. Without accessories.
€94.90 *
Spezial Lok-Fett B 52 für Modelleisenbahn
Engine grease B 52
Engine grease B 52 , a very soft metal soap grease for model railways, with little oil giver and marrow of sunflowers for cleaning the oil giver. Contents 7 g. [Link to the manufacturer]
Content 7 g (€28.43 * / 10 g)
€19.90 *
Holzständer (für Glühlampenlack)
Wooden stand
Wooden stand, without bottles, drilling 24mm.
€4.10 *
Druckluftspray Cramolin BR 200 ml
BR type compressed air
BR type compressed air, 200ml can, removes fine dust. Strong pressure, no residues, clean, easy to handle, non-corrosive. For cleaning and dusting of electronic components, casings and modules even in hard-to-reach locations.
Content 200 ml (€4.95 * / 100 ml)
€9.90 *
Zangenständer aus Holz (ohne Zangen)
Pliers Stand
Pliers Stand, made of wood for holding approx. 10 watchmaker's pliers. Pliers are cleary kept and can be easily removed. Delivery without pliers.
€14.90 *
Table Workplace Lamp
Table Workplace Lamp
Replacement flourescent tube
€57.90 *
montagelupe 10 fach auf dreifuß für kleinteile
Assembly magnifier
Assembly magnifier, 10 x magnifying, adjustable sharpness, on chromium-plated tripod. An indispen-sable tool for assembling fine and small units.
€22.90 *
Kopfbandlupe mit LED Scheinwerfer
Head band magnifier with LED
Head band magnifier with LED spotlight with four lenses: 1,2x (520-620mm)/ 1,8x (230-320mm)/ 2,5x (150-250mm)/ 3,5x (80-120mm) magnification. Deposit box for 4 lenses and cleaning cloth, incl. 2 batteries AAA 1.5 V. Head band is...
€24.90 *
Uhrmacherlupe 3-fach
Eye glass for watch makers
Eye glass for watch makers, 3x magnification, plastic case.
€4.50 *
Dust brush
Dust brush with plastic handle and white bristles, specially for cleaning machines. Length 150 mm. Made in Asia.
€3.90 *
Brush for machines
Brush for machines, small light handy-brush for removing of chips from machines after drilling, turning, milling. 170x25x65 mm.
€11.90 *
Ersatzspritze für Mini-Automatikkörner
Mini automatic centre punch - spare punch point...
Spare punch point for mini automatic centre punch, only for the older version 40134.
€5.90 *
Kleiner Körner mit feiner Spitze, gehärtet und vernickelt
Small centre punch
Small centre punch with fine tip, hardened and nickel-plated. Length 80 mm, diameter 6 mm.
€5.90 *
Maschinenschraubstock für Tischbohrmaschine (Proxxon MS 4)
Vice for table drill machine
Vice for table drill machine made of aluminium cast. Max. capacity 34 mm.
€17.90 *
Ultrasonic cleaning bath
Ultrasonic cleaning bath for thorough cleaning of components, gearboxes and optical glasses etc. Stainless steel bath 600 ml, oval 150 x 95 x 50 mm. Built-in auto timer 3 min. Recommended cleaning solution our SR 24 Model train oil No....
€47.90 *
Leimzwingen aus Kunststoff, 3 teiliges Set
Plastic Spring Clamps
Plastic Spring Clamps, 3 pcs., coloured assorted, length 60 mm, opening of jaws max. 20 mm.
€4.90 *
Werkzeughalter mit Knarre für Gewindebohrer
Ratchet tool holder
Ratchet tool holder switchable for right and left operation, made of chrome plated steel. For example used for holding hand thread drills M 3 to M 10.
€11.90 *
Fasskloben mit Lederbacken und Holzkeil
Ring Clamp
Ring Clamp, spring looted self opening version with side locking screw and leather lined jaws. Made of wood. In model engineering for holding fine parts or castings for dressing / finishing work.
€20.90 *
Arterienklemme fein gezahnt rostfrei 140 mm
Scissors Clamps
Scissors Clamps. Made of stainless steel with fine serrations. Length 140 mm. Great help for adhesive works in model engineering.
€8.90 *
Werkstückhalter Ø 50 mm mit Holzgriff
Workholder, Ø 50 mm, length 130 mm. Holds round and irregulary formed works by 8 re-stickable steel pins. Robust metal holder with wooden handle. Max. capacity 20 mm.
€15.90 *
Feinmechaniker-Schraubstock für Werkbänke und Tischplatten (Proxxon FMZ)
Precision-Vice, made of die-cast zinc. With ball joint to be rotated and swivelled in all directions and clamp for quick and secure fastening to workbenches and table tops up to 60 mm thickness. Alternatively , it can also be fixed to...
€47.50 *
Feinmechaniker-Schraubstock mit Saugfuß und Kugelgelenk (Proxxon FMS 75)
Vice for precision engineering
Vice for precision engineering, its head rotates a full 360 de-grees and tilt 180 degrees from vertical to horizontal. Can be attached instantly and securely to any smooth surface. Jaw width of 75 mm and clamping size of 70 mm.
€47.50 *
Miniatur Schraubstock für Modellbau
Small vice
Small vice out of metal with plastic pins for holding round and square working units of 12-60 mm Ø. Small vice with working unit can be held by a larger vice for better holding. Made in Asia.
€13.90 *
Miniatur Maschinenschraubstock mit verstellbarem Anschlag
Miniature Machine Vice
Miniature machine vice with adjustable stop, suitable for clamping of very small model building components. Stepped vice jaws, with groove in base for receiving a sliding block. Body and accurately controlled sliding jaw made of grey...
€269.00 *
Maschinenschraubstock mit verstellbarem Anschlag
Machine vice
Machine vice with adjustable stop, suitable for clamping of model building components. Stepped vice jaws, with groove in base for receiving a sliding block. Body and accurately controlled sliding jaw made of grey cast iron. Dimensions...
€295.00 *
Milling cutters stand
Milling cutters stand, made of plastic with approx. 700 combinations. For storing milling tools, drills, grinders polishing tools etc. with 2.34 mm shanks. Delivery without tools. Measurement 125 x 78 mm.
€7.90 *
Schrauben Sortimentskasten aus Kunststoff
Screw assortment box, empty
Screw assortment box with transparent plastic hinged lid. Ideal for storage screws, nuts and very small parts. Measurements: 207 x 112 x 23 mm. 36 compartments 15 x 33 x 18 mm each. Delivery as empty box.
€9.95 *
Winkelmesser, Gradmesser Ø 80 mm
Angle gauge
Angle gauge for measurements from 0-180 degrees. Diameter of protector 80 mm, Length of blade 120 mm.
€20.90 *
Streichmaß mit Anreißmessschieber Messbereich 200 mm
Marking Gauge
Marking Gauge, flat version with mm-calibration, chrome-plated and rustless. Range 200 mm. Useful for marking and tracing on flat parts.
€29.90 *
Flachwinkel 90 Grad (110 x 55 x 1 mm)
Small Square
Small Square, without back, made of 1mm strong steel sheet, nickel-plated. Measurements: 110 x 55mm.
€5.50 *
Präzisions-Haarlineal 75 mm DIN 874
Knife straight edge
Knife straight edge, hardened, micro ground and lapped. Length 75mm. For testing surfaces using the light gap method.
€19.90 *
Mikro Zentrierwinkel - Länge 55 mm
Micro centring angle
Micro centring angle, for centring of discs and shafts. Length 55 mm, 5 gms. Small batch production.
€52.90 *
Magnet Messstativ mit Messuhraufnahme 8 mm
Magnetic stand
Magnetic stand with fine adjustment. Total height 231 mm. Consist of a stand and prismatic magnetic base with on-off lever. Chromed column Ø 12 x 176 mm, M8 Meas.arm Ø 10 x 150 mm Magnetic base 63 x 50 x 55 mm (LxBxH), Magnet force 60 kg.
€32.90 *
Messuhr mit Messbereich 10 mm (Aufnahme Ø 8 mm)
Dial indicator
Dial indicator, measuring capacity 10 mm, 0.01 mm divisions. Outside diam. of bezel 58 mm, shank Ø 8 H6, metal casing, with tolerance marks. Dial face rotatable by outer ring.
€33.00 *
Pantograph, Reduktionszirkel, Storchenschnabel
Proportional divider
Proportional divider. This tool is used for copying drawings on an enlarged or reduced scale, dividing lines and circles into equal parts, quick and exact solving of difficult measurement problems, finding distances on maps without scale...
€95.00 *
Modellbau Montagewinkel zum Festklemmen
Model engineering assembly square
Model engineering assembly square (idea: Jürgen Lange) with three steps for fastening. To be used for vertical soldering, sticking, assembling of sheets or metal strips. Measurements 65 x 30 x 5 mm. Delivery 1 piece without screw clamp....
€4.70 *
Präzisions-Uhrmessschieber 150 mm
Dial caliper
Dial caliper, NEW , made of stainless steel, measuring capacity 150 mm, reading 0.01 mm, 1 point round = 1 mm, hardened, 4-way measurements, jaws 40 mm, backside with crew table, DIN 862. In plastic box.
€59.90 *
Digitaler Messschieber 150 mm im Etui
Electronic digital caliper
Electronic digital caliper, stainless, hardened steel. Measuring range 150mm, jaws 40 mm. Reading: 0.01mm / 0.0005", 0 and Reset button, data output, in case.
€44.90 *
Mini Messschieber (Baby-Schieblehre)
Baby vernier caliper
Baby vernier caliper of stainless steel, scale satin chromed. Size 0 - 100 mm, nonius 1/20. Jaws 30 mm.
€34.90 *
Taschenmessschieber (Schieblehre) 150 mm rostfrei
Pocket venire
Pocket venire caliper of stainless steel with instantaneous adjustment. Range 150 mm, jaws 40 mm. Venire 1/20 mm and 1/128". Incl. plastic pouch.
€29.90 *
Zahnradlehre 7 Module DIN 5480
Gauge for gearwheels
Gauge for gearwheels. A simple tool out of 0.3 mm nickel silver sheet for quick finding of a gearwheel module.
€5.90 *
Präzisions-Fühlerlehre Satz mit 13 Blatt
Metric feeler gauge
Metric feeler gauge. 13 blades are provided in an integra-ted nickel plated cover. 0.05 - 0.10 - 0.15 - 0.20 - 0.25 - 0.30 - 0.40 - 0.50 - 0.60 - 0.70 - 0.80 - 0.90 - 1.00 mm
€3.90 *
Gewindelehre, Gewindeschablone mit 52 Blatt
Screw pitch gauge
Screw pitch gauge with 52 blades for measuring and identifying of threads on screws and machineparts from M1 upwrds. A comparison table is included. For metric, English, and American threads.
€8.50 *
Reißnadel mit Hartmetallspitze - Länge 145 mm
Carbide pointed scriber
Carbide pointed scriber. Steel scriber with carbide tip. Length 145 mm.
€4.90 *
Kleine Reißnadel mit feiner, gehärteter Spitze - Länge 125 mm
Small steel scriber
Small steel scriber with fine, hardened point and aluminium handle. Length 125 mm approx.
€6.90 *
Reißnadel gerade und gebogene Spitze - Länge 250 mm
Steel scriber with one straigt and one right...
Steel scriber, with one straigt and one right angledpoint. Knurled handle. Length: 250 mm.
€5.50 *
Buch: Materialien für den Modellbau - Alex Weiss
Book: Materialien für den Modellbau
Materialien für den Modellbau. In german language only.
€15.00 *
Buch: Drehen für Modellbauer - Band 1 - Jürgen Eichardt
Book: Drehen für Modellbauer - Band 1
In German language only! Drehen für Modellbauer - Jürgen Eichardt Zweibändiges Fachbuch für den schon geübteren Modellbauer Band 1: Das ABC des Hobbydrehers Im anspruchsvollen Modellbau ist der Einsatz einer Werkzeugmaschine meist...
€24.90 *
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Measuring and testing - the be-all and end-all in model making.

For length measurement we offer stainless steel rulers in various lengths with etched ruler. Scale rulers for H0, TT and N complete the range. Calipers analogue or digital are the adjustable alternative. With our special gauges you can check the module of a gear wheel - the gear wheel gauge or also the module gauge, with the gauge gauge the gauge gauge the gauge is checked. Different angles, with or without stop, centring angle and marking tools complete our assortment. For correct results, it is important to keep these instruments clean and carefully stored. The application should be carried out at 20°C and scales should always be read with a right-angled line of sight. 

The right perspective for precision work.

The models you work on are getting smaller and more precise. Details should be reproduced as precisely as possible - hardly any model builders will be able to get around an additional magnification aid. The headband magnifier gives you a choice of lenses that can be adapted to your specific needs and, thanks to LED's, bright light in the right place. The lens of the magnifying lamp makes it easy to work underneath. Good magnification and bright illumination of the working area without shadows are indispensable when maximum precision is required.

Order is half life.

If the search for certain small parts is unsuccessful and you cannot find the right one, then you will find a suitable assortment box for screws, nuts or rivets. Drills can be stored separately in the drill box or drill stand according to size and can be removed individually if necessary. Your brass profiles can be stowed away in the plastic tube and do not bend. Order saves time, because you can't have enough of it for your hobby.

Consult specialist literature.

For almost every problem there is a technical book in which you will find tips, ideas and instructions for action. In any case, it is always helpful to inform yourself in advance of a project. We offer you a selection of specialist books. You will find that there are often many paths to success. Try it out, test it and have fun finding your own way. 

Clamps are absolutely necessary.

For holding and fixing various applications. With our helpers you will be able to create the most complicated designs in model making for further processing.