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Laubsägeblätter verschiedene Zahnungen Piercing saw blades
Content 12 Stück (€0.25 * / 1 Stück)
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Schienensäge für Modellbahngleise Rail Saw
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Laubsägeblätter verschiedene Zahnungen
Piercing saw blades
Piercing saw blades for wood, plastics and soft metals. Length 130 mm. Packed of 12 pcs. Quality for watchmakers, made in Germany. 6 teeth / cm - 0.39 x 1.03 mm 8 teeth / cm - 0.30 x 0.77 mm 10 teeth/cm - 0.25 x 0.58 mm Piercing saw...
Content 12 Stück (€0.25 * / 1 Stück)
From €3.00 *
Diamant-Trennscheibe Ø 19 x 0,65 mm
Diamond cutting disc
Diamond cutting disc,  
From €17.00 *
Ersatzsägeblatt für Resinsäge
Spare blade for resin saw
Replacement saw blade for resin saw The hardened steel blade is fine on one side, the other is coarser. The teeth are not interlocked, so that micro-free, smooth cuts are possible without waste. Suitable for resin, all plastics, wood and...
€3.00 *
Schienensäge für Modellbahngleise
Rail Saw
Rail Saw, blade 140 mm long, 0.3 mm thick, finest tooth (20 teeth/cm), for sawing model rails, gauge Z, N, TT, H0, 0. Also for profiles of brass, wood and plastics.
€12.50 *
Multipurpose cutter
Multipurpose cutter for Balsa wood and thin plastic strips. Universal application by two adjusted square stops. Measurements 210 x 210 mm. High quality plastic made in England. Including 2 blades and 1 spare anvil.
€25.00 *
HSS Metallkreissägeblätter DIN 1837 A
Metal circular saw discs
Metal circular saw discs, DIN 1837 A, fine pitch.
From €8.50 *
Cutting mat
Cutting mat, self-sealing surface. Cutting not influenced by previous cuts. Non-slip material makes cutting safer and protects desk or table surface. Grid lines provide cutting guide; both sides can be used.
From €8.50 *
Piccolo Schneidlade (Gehrungslade)
Piccolo-mitre box
Piccolo-mitre box out of robust aluminium profile, a = 30 mm, b = 40 mm, c = 180 mm. With stepless adjustable tigh-tening element, with beating flange and removable wooden inset.
€9.90 *
Scalpel, resilient chromium plated handle. The blades are replaceable. Encl. 1 scalpel blade No. 54 013.
€6.90 *
SET: Kreissägensortiment
Set of cutting discs
5 discs of 13-16-19-22-25 mm Ø, each 0.1 mm thick, for wood and plastics. Without mandrel. They are put on with the help of our mandrel no. 55160 in all mini drill machines.
Content 5 Stück (€2.30 * / 1 Stück)
€11.50 *
Mandrel, shank 2.34 mm for all discs, wheels and blades.
€1.50 *
SET: Ersatzklingen für Skalpell (verschiedene)
Scalpel blades
10 scalpel blades, mixed, pointed or rounded.
€5.00 *
Ersatzklingen für Vielzweckschneider
Multipurpose cutter, 2 Spare Blades
2 spare blades for Multipurpose cutter.
Content 2 Stück (€2.25 * / 1 Stück)
€4.50 *
Resinsäge mit Griffstück und 2 Klingen
Resin Saw
Resin Saw with wood handle and two blades. Double edged blade with “fine” and “even finer” edge. Especially for very fine cuts. Lenght approx. 150 mm.
€12.90 *
Juwelier-Sägebogen (Laubsäge)
Fretsaw for jewellers
Fretsaw for jewellers with tightening screw and adjsutable stirrup. For all saw blades.
From €14.90 *
Tweezers scissors
Tweezers scissors, 130mm length, for cutting small pieces of paper or thin cardboard.
€9.90 *
Keyhole Saw
Keyhole Saw with aluminium holder. For swaing in edges and angles difficult to reach with other saws. Usable measurements of the blade: 35x4,3x0,5mm. Delivery without spare blades, please order separately.
€8.50 *
Precision knife
Precision pen knife from Japan. Can be used with interchangeable, extremely sharp 30° and 45° blades or special steel needle. 2 x 5 blades supplied with knife. When not in use, the tools are kept inside the holder, pen shape, length 145 mm.
€14.90 *
Goldsmith shear
Goldsmith shear, 180 mm long for shearing of fine sheets.
€9.90 *
Sägeblatthalter für 8 mm Bohrung (Schaft 8 mm)
Holder for saw blades (hole 8 mm)
Holder, shank 8 mm for our saw blades No. 28 302 - 28 130 with hole 8 mm.
€17.50 *
Mini Schneidlade (Gehrungslade)
Mini cutting board
Mini cutting board for exact cutting of small profiles up to 5 x 5 mm. Precut guides for cutting angles of 30, 45 and 90 degrees. All metal con-struction. Will accept all saw blades up to 0.5 mm. For sawing metal profiles we recommend...
€54.90 *
Bohr- und Schneidöl
Oil for drilling and cutting
Oil for drilling and cutting. Special oil for drilling, milling, sawing, turning, tapping, grinding. For all types of steel, all types of castings, alu-minium, all types of stainless steels, copper, red cast, and brass. Cont. 120 ml.
Content 120 ml (€5.00 * / 100 ml)
€6.00 *
Netzgerät Proxxon Micromot NG 2E
Transformer Proxxon Micromot NG 2 E
Transformer NG 2/E with electronic speed control. 220-240 V, capacity of 2.0 A at 12 V under load, weight 1 kg.
€28.50 *
Spezialtrennscheibe glasfaservernetzt (unzerbrechlich)
Special cutting disk
Special cutting disk. "Unbreakable" reinforced with glassfibre. With the aid of our mandrell 55160 can be used in all mini drills. Delivery without mandrell.
From €5.50 *
HSS Kreissägeblätter DIN 1837-1838
Circular blades, HSS
Circular HSS blade to DIN 1837/1838. Diam. 63 mm, bore 16 mm. Fit for various other manufacturers' products as well as BÖHLER table circular saw. Blades may be used on profiles and sheets of aluminium, brass and copper. For very thin...
€29.90 *
Ersatzklingen für Schneidegerät The Chopper
The Chopper, 2 Spare Blades
2 spare blades for the "The chopper".
Content 2 Stück (€1.25 * / 1 Stück)
€2.50 *
XURON Schere für Photoätzteile 130 mm
XURON Photo Etch Scissor
XURON Photo Etch Scissor cuts small photoetched parts with a clean, square edge. Rated for cutting soft metals up to 0.005" / 0.25 mm. Length: 130 mm, Length: 145 mm (professional)
From €23.00 *
SET: Ersatzklingen für Präzisionsmesser
Spare blades 30°/45°
Spare blades with 30° or 45° each. Set of 5 pieces. Suitable for our precision pen knife.
Content 5 Stück (€0.90 * / 1 Stück)
€4.50 *
Laubsägeblätter (Rundsägeblätter) allseitig schneidend
Special-fretsaw blades
Special-fretsaw blades, universal application for wood, plastics, horn, gypsum. Pack of 12.
Content 12 Stück (€0.25 * / 1 Stück)
€3.00 *
Cutting tweezers
Cutting tweezers, with slanting tip, for precisely detaching small parts from etched details up to approx. 0.25 mm. Length 115 mm.
€37.00 *
kleine Bügelsäge
Small fretsaw
Innovative vario sawframe, length 260 mm,  
€8.50 *
Ersatzsägeblatt für Schienensäge
Saw blade without handle
Saw blade 
€7.50 *
PUK Metall-Feinsägeblätter
Hacksaw blade
Hacksaw blade, finest tooth (20 teeth/cm), packed of 3 pcs. Professional-quality saw blades with wavy-set, sharp theeth, specially hardened and tempered, with pins. Size: 6 mm x 0.4 mm Length: 150 mm
Content 3 Stück (€1.30 * / 1 Stück)
€3.90 *
Ersatz Sägeblätter für Schlüsselloch-Säge
Keyhole Saw Spare Blades
Keyhole Saw Spare Blades. Set of 5 pieces.
Content 5 Stück (€1.70 * / 1 Stück)
€8.50 *
Schmierfett - Fettstift - Schneidfett
Cutting- and lubrication grease
Cutting- and lubrication grease reduces fric-tion between tool and work unit to a minimum. Contents about 350 g.
Content 350 g (€5.40 * / 100 g)
€18.90 *
Sägeblatthalter für 16 mm Bohrung (Schaft 8 mm)
Holder for saw blades (hole 16 mm)
Holder, shank 8 mm for all saw blades with hole 16 mm.
€17.50 *
Styroporschneider - Heißdrahtschneider Proxxon THERMOCUT 12/E
Hot wire cutting device Proxxon Thermocut 12 E
Hot wire cutting device THERMOCUT 12/E <
€37.50 *
Ersatzschneidedraht für Styroporschneider - Heißdrahtschneider
Replacement cutting wire
Replacement cutting wire, 10 pieces. Easy to bend, therefore ideal for modelling.
€14.90 *
Schneidegerät The Chopper
The Chopper
Miniature cutter "The chopper" for wood and plastic strip materials. Measurements 180 x 180 mm. The base and handle are made of die cast aluminium. Cutting depth 6 mm (1/4"), Precision guides for 30, 45 and 60 degree angles.
€75.00 *
Cutting wheels
Cutting wheels are used in model engineering f.e. for cutting profiles, strips of wood, rails of model railways and for shortening screws. They are put on with the help of our mandrel no. 55160 in all mini drill machines. Packet of 10...
From €4.00 *
Schneidegerät The Chopper
The Chopper, Cutting Mat
Cutting Mat for the "The chopper", 100 x 100 mm.
€7.50 *
SET: Ersatz Klingen für Schlüsseloch-Säge
Spare Blades, Set
Set of 2 pieces, suitably for our Keyhole Saw no. 30614
Content 2 Stück (€1.95 * / 1 Stück)
€3.90 *
PUK Universal Taschensäge mit Buchenholzgriff
Pocket saw
Puk Universal Pocket Saw, length 
€9.90 *
Kreissägeblatt aus Chrom-Vanadium (geschränkt)
Circular blade, crossed
Circular blade from Chrom-Vanadium, for wood and plastic, crossed, diam. 63 mm, bore 16 mm. 63 x 0.5/1.0 x 16 mm, 64 teeth
€32.00 *
Kreissägeblatt aus Vollhartmetall
Circular blade, carbide
Circular blade, carbide, diam. 63 mm, bore 16 mm. For glass fibre materials. 63 x 0.9 x 16 mm, 96 teeth. Fit for various other manufacturers' products as well as BÖHLER table circular saw.
€64.00 *
Allzweckschere aus rostfreiem Edelstahl
All-Purpose Scissors
All-Purpose Scissors , made of stainless steel. A blade fine teeth, a smooth blade, thereby precise work on the cables and cords guaranteed. Cuts wire, insulation, cable channels, leather, cardboard etc. Length 140 mm.
€13.90 *