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Feder-Bronzedraht Ø 0,3 mm Bronze spring wire
Content 3 Laufende(r) Meter (€0.77 * / 1 Laufende(r) Meter)
From €2.30 *
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Feder-Bronzedraht Ø 0,3 mm
Bronze spring wire
Bronze spring wire, easy to solder, high conductivity. ldeal for constructing overhead catenary systems. 0.3 mm dia, rolls of 3 m.
Content 3 Laufende(r) Meter (€0.77 * / 1 Laufende(r) Meter)
From €2.30 *
Kupferdraht verzinnt (Ø 0,80 mm)
Copper wire, tinned
Tinned copper wire, 0.8 mm Ø is suitable to mess around with blanks for coniferous trees. Also you can solder the wire very easily because of the tinned copper wire. Each roll has 3 metre of copper wire.
Content 3 Laufende(r) Meter (€0.83 * / 1 Laufende(r) Meter)
€2.50 *
Federstahldrähte rostfrei Edelstahl (verschiedene Ø)
Stainless Spring Steel Wire
Spring steel wire made of stainless steel. Ideal for constructing of springs, ladders, handles, pipings. Length 3 m each (* 1 m). For cutting these extremely hard wire we recommend our side cutting pliers 24913 or 24915. Our other...
From €2.00 *
Feines Messinggitter für Modellbau
Brass wire mesh sheet
Brass wire mesh. Sheet size 100 x 150 mm. Especially suited for security of windows, headlamp protection on trucks etc. wire-Ø: 0,20 mm, Mesh size: 0,30 mm, Approx. scale 1:100 wire-Ø: 0,20 mm, Mesh size: 0,50 mm, Approx. scale 1:75...
€5.20 *
Mikro Stahlseile (verschiedene Stärken)
Micro Steel Ropes
Micro Steel Ropes. Real steel ropes. Length: 1m
€4.10 *
Federnsortiment Miniatur (Zug & Druck)
Assortment of springs
200 pcs. tension and compression springs of various sizes. This assortment should not fail in your workshop.
€7.90 *
Kupferlackdraht dünn in verschiedenen Farben
Enamelled copper wire
Enamelled copper wire, diameter 0.15 mm, bobbin with 50 m . 8 different colours for model engineering (car-system, signals), soldering temperature approx. 350 °C.
Content 50 Laufende(r) Meter (€0.13 * / 1 Laufende(r) Meter)
€6.50 *
Messingdraht weich (verschiedene Ø)
Brass wire
Brass wire, soft, very malleable, length 3 m each.
From €2.00 *

Wire is an important part of many modeling projects and is often used to represent small details or structures or to fix or move mechanical parts. There are many different types of wire used in model making, depending on the requirements of the project.




One of the most important things to consider when using wire in model making is the thickness of the material. As a rule, you should use wire with a thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm, as it is easy to work with, but still strong enough for use in models. If you use wire that is too thin, it can be easily deformed or damaged, while wire that is too thick can be difficult to work with and process.




There are many different techniques used in model making to machine and shape wire. These include bending, grinding and melting. Some techniques require special tools, such as bending jigs.




Overall, wire in model making offers many opportunities to build and shape realistic models. It is an important component of many modeling projects and offers the ability to create detailed and realistic models. Although it can sometimes be difficult to work with, it offers the opportunity to create small details and structures that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other materials.