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Painting & Airbrushing

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Metallgrund Priming for metal
Content 50 ml (€13.80 * / 100 ml)
€6.90 *
Verdünnung für Metallgrund Thinner for primer
Content 50 ml (€7.80 * / 100 ml)
€3.90 *
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Priming for metal
Priming for metal, thin and clear as glass, especially for brass and copper. No problem with undercoating by air-brush. Quick drying. Apply undiluted. Cont. 50 ml.
Content 50 ml (€13.80 * / 100 ml)
€6.90 *
Verdünnung für Metallgrund
Thinner for primer
Thinner for primer, cont. 50 ml. For cleaning the airbrush accessories
Content 50 ml (€7.80 * / 100 ml)
€3.90 *
Holzständer (für Glühlampenlack)
Wooden stand
Wooden stand, without bottles, drilling 24mm.
€4.90 *
Weathering Powder, Set of 10
Weathering Powder, Set of 10
Weathering Powder, Set of powders 12 colours, are mostly used dry. They stick very well to matt surfaces. The powders are an imitation for rust, dirt, sooty and dust. Use a paint brush to apply the powder on the surface of the model. If...
Content 10 Stück (€1.99 * / 1 Stück)
€19.90 *
Brush Washing Set
Brush Washing Set consists of a glass wit top and a metal sieve inset. When washing your brushes the old colour will not be stirred up again under the sieve inset. Made in Asia.
€14.90 *
Colour filter fine netting
Colour filter fine netting of high-grade steel for avoiding pollution in paint for model engineering. Usable with our BADGER spray guns.
€12.90 *
Masking fluid
Masking fluid
Masking fluid. Practical help when painting by hand or using Airbrush. Simply paint on the area to be masked before applying paint and peel off after paint has dried. Cont. 32 ml.
Content 32 ml (€17.81 * / 100 ml)
€5.70 *
Mini-Spritzgriffel Badger 200 NH
Badger 200 NH Mini Airbrush
Mini Airbrush Badger 200 NH for that extra fine finish with double adjustable paint nozzle. The right choice for spraying those very fine details.
€109.90 *
Mini sandblasting tool
Mini sandblasting tool indispensible for removing old varnish films, for cleaning surfaces, for etching glass. Can be driven with all small compressors (2-3 bar). Pressure hose with ¼" adapter for compressor and 340g blasting material...
€88.90 *
Strahlmittel Sand
Blasting material, sand
Blasting material for sandblasting tool; special grain size. Box containing 2.5 kg.
Content 2.5 kg (€7.96 * / 1 kg)
€19.90 *
Strahlmittel Glasperlen
Blasting material, glass
Extra fine grains of glass for fine cleaning of surfaces of all materials. Box containing 2 kg.
Content 2 kg (€9.95 * / 1 kg)
€19.90 *
Mini-Spritzgriffel Badger 350
Badger 350, Mini Airbrush
Mini Airbrush Badger 350 with adjustable paint nozzle for achieving different spraying widths.
€85.90 *
Kompressor SIL-AIR 20A
Sil Air 20A Compressor
Oil-powered compressor SIL-AIR 20A, 230V, 135 W. 17 litre/min of oilfree compressed air at 6 bar. Incl. 1.5 litre container and pressure gauge. On/off switch with additional automatic switch for maintaining air pressure at 6 bar (max.),...
€486.00 *
Masking film foil
Masking film foil is equipped with a light-sticking adhesive and can easily be removed from dried coloured surfaces of models after painting. Cont. 3 film foils 21 x 29 cm.
€5.90 *
Airbrush Reiniger
Airbrush cleaner
Airbrush cleaner. Eliminates rests of colour and lubricates the mechanism of the airbrush without causing damage. 85 ml
Content 85 ml (€4.82 * / 100 ml)
€4.10 *
Echt Rotmarder Aquarellpinsel
Red-sable aquarell-brushes
Red-sable aquarell-brushes for finest painting in all areas of modelling.
From €3.80 *
Acrylfarben Vallejo Leerflasche
Acrylic Colours - Vallejo©, empty bottle
Acrylic Colours - Vallejo© mixing bottle, empty bottle, 35 ml.
€2.50 *
Vallejo© Metallic- und Effektfarben
Acrylic Colours - Vallejo©, steel 065, brass...
Acrylic Colours - Vallejo ©, 5 different sets of 4 metallic colours, each 17 ml, in a wooden stand. The resistence, hardness and covering power of Model Air is superior to any known acrylic for airbrushing. Colours can be mixed with one...
€44.90 *
Acrylfarben - Vallejo Klarlack
Acrylfarben - Vallejo©, Varnishes
Varnishes are created especially for airbrush techniques, dry completely in 5-10 min without leaving a tacky film. They can be applied straight or diluted with water or with Model Ait Thinner. The varnishes mix perfectly with the colours...
Content 17 ml (€17.06 * / 100 ml)
€2.90 *
Airbrush Thinner
Airbrush Thinner
Thinner makes the colours more flexible yet does not affect their covering power, adherence and opacity. 32 ml
Content 32 ml (€12.81 * / 100 ml)
€4.10 *
Ersatzteile für Mini-Sandstrahlgerät
Mini sandblasting tool, spare parts
Mini sandblasting tool, spare parts.
From €4.90 *
Mini-Spritzgriffel Badger 200 SG
Badger 200 SG, Mini Airbrush
Mini Airbrush BADGER 200 SG , Graffity feed system, Single action, Internal paint mixing, 0.5 ml paint hollow, Nozzle size 0.26 mm. Cardbox includes an airbrush and nozzle head key. Incl. instruction manual.
€99.90 *
Microbrush, regular
Microbrush for precise application of adhesives, solvents, and paints. Ideal for applying glue, for cleaning, for painting. Non dripping and bendable. Set of 10 pcs. - Regular Set of 10 pcs. - Fine SEt of 10 pcs. - Superfine
€3.90 *
Pinsel-Set Hobby (3 breite Pinsel im Etui)
Brush Set Hobby (3 brushes packed in case)
Brush Set Hobby with 3 brushes packed in case
€7.50 *

Painting is an important part of model making, as it is used to protect the surface of models and give them a realistic appearance. There are a variety of varnishes used in model making, depending on the type of surface to be painted and the properties of the varnish.




One of the most common varnishes used in model making is acrylic varnish. This varnish is fast drying and is particularly suitable for indoor use, as it does not emit unpleasant fumes. Acrylic varnish is also easy to work with and can be easily thinned with water.




Another commonly used varnish in model making is clear varnish. This varnish is mainly used to highlight and protect the natural color of wood or plastic. Clear lacquer is also easy to apply and can be easily thinned with solvent.




There are also special varnishes for certain applications in model making, such as color varnish, which is used to create color effects on the surface of models, or metal varnish, which is used to paint metal parts.




Painting in model making usually requires the use of paint guns or brushes and a suitable paint booth or zone. These tools and equipment are usually very precise and allow accurate and detailed paint jobs to be done on models.




Painting in modeling should always be done carefully and cautiously to avoid damage to the models. It is also important to carefully follow the paint's instructions for use to ensure that the paint works properly.




Overall, varnishing is an important part of model building and can help protect the surface of models and give them a realistic appearance.