Track N model railway special tool for your 1:160 model railway

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Track N model railway special tool for your 1:160 model railway

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Radsatz Richtgerät für Modellbahn Spur H0 (mit Zubehör TT und N)
Wheel Spacer H0
Wheel Spacer (Back to back) measuring / setting tool for H0 wheels. The tool is supplied with 2 spindle points, one for locomotive wheel setting and one for wagon/carriage wheels fitted on pin-point bearing axles. With set of spindle...
€33.90 *
Gleisklammern für Flexgleise
Track clamps
Track clamps for holding lengths of flexible track in position during fixing. Also enables the track to be cut precisely and laid accurately. Suitable for all makes of flexible track. Instruction and a hexagon key wrench are enclosd....
Content 2 Stück (€9.45 * / 1 Stück)
From €18.90 *
Abstandshalter für Flexgleise
Adjustable spacer
Adjustable spacer for laying double track ensuring correct way. Especially useful when used in conjunction with Track Clamps. Track H0 - can be adjusted from 40 mm to 64.6 mm. Track TT / H0m - can be adjusted from 32 to 60 mm. Track N /...
From €26.90 *
Abzieher für Räder Spur TT, N und Z (bis 28 mm Ø)
Mini Wheel Puller Z, N, TT, H0
Mini Wheel Puller especially suited for very finde cast model railway wheels with plastic centres, up to 28 mm diameter (Z - N - TT - H0). With spindle point 1.8 Ø standard - for H0. Tip: Order spare tips at the same time!
€31.90 *
Spurmaß Lehre Modellbahn Spur TT und N
Rail Gauge N-TT
Rail Gauge N (NEM 310 - 7.4 mm) Rail Gauge TT (NEM 310 - 10.2 mm) Please note: Not suitable for wheel sets with gearwheel.
From €10.90 *
Lehre für Radsatz und Gleis (Spurlehre)
Wheel and track gauge
Wheel and track gauge. For gauging wheels and tracks. Instructions supplied. H0 /16.5 mm TT and H0m / 12 mm N und H0e / 9 mm
€13.90 *
Modellbahn Maßstabslineale aus Aluminium
Scale rulers
Scale rulers made of aluminium, robust, solvent-resistant, scratch-resistant, weather-proof, with 30 cm metric graduation on one side and scale on the opposite side.
€9.90 *
Komfort-Lokliege und Profilwinkel
Locomotive cradle
Locomotive cradle comfort for repairing and maintaining model railway cars and locos. Size: 360 x 165 x 60 mm with 2 angles and foam inserts. Sizes H0 - TT - N. Angles / U-profil for H0, TT or N can be ordered also separately by the piece.
€39.40 *
Profilwinkel für Modellbahn Lokliege Linton
Profile angle for model railway locomotive...
Additional profile angle for comfort locomotive couch Linton The profile angles are available individually (1 piece each) for the following sizes: Track H0 Track TT Track N
€5.50 *

N gauge is one of the most popular sizes in the field of model railroads. It is a scale size that corresponds to 1:160, which means that a train or landscape in N gauge represent 1/160 of their real size. The tracks in N gauge have a spacing of 9 mm, which corresponds to the size of real railroad tracks.




N gauge was developed in the mid-20th century and has since become one of the most widely used sizes in model railroading. One advantage of N gauge is that it is relatively compact and can therefore fit into smaller spaces. Nevertheless, it offers enough space for detailed landscapes and realistic models.




There is a wide selection of trains, landscapes, and accessories in N scale, so every model railroader can find the right set for their preferences and interests. Popular manufacturers of N scale model trains are for example Fleischmann, Piko and Roco.




Anyone interested in N scale model trains should also find out about the different power systems that can be used. Most N scale trains are operated with either direct current or alternating current. There are also so-called digital trains, which are operated via digital control and are thus particularly flexible.




Overall, N gauge model railroading offers a wide variety of possibilities and is suitable for both beginners and experienced model railroaders. It is particularly suitable for replicating real railroad lines and landscapes and offers many possibilities for designing and creating individual layouts.