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Modelling accessories

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Zellkautschuk Platten selbstklebend A4 (versch. Stärken)
Cellulose Rubber Sheets
Cellulose rubber sheets, one side selfad-hesive, set of 2 pcs. Measurements: 200 x 100 x 5 mm each. Lightweigth and elastic material especially mounting of motors in model aero-planes, -ships und –engine.
From €4.90 *
Schrumpfschlauch Set schwarz in Box (versch. Ø)
Heat shrink tube - Assortment, black
Heat shrink tube, 100 pcs. assortment. Reduces it's diameter by approximately 50% when heated to around 120°C. Use a hot air gun. Assorted pack 1.5-2.5-4-6-10-13 mm diam., in 100 mm lengths. Colour black. In a plastic box.
€5.90 *
Zahnräder Set aus Kunststoff (Modul 0,5)
Set of cog-wheels module 0.5
Set of cog-wheels, module 0.5, axle drill holes 2.9 mm. 2 double cog-wheels each with 62/10, 50/10, 48/12, 30/10 teeth, 1 crown-wheel, 1 worm, 3 pinions (worm and 2 pinions hole Ø1.9 mm). Ideal for experimenting.
€5.90 *
Zahnräder Set aus Kunststoff (Modul 1)
Set of cog-wheels module 1
Set of cog-wheels, module 1, axle drill holes 2.9 mm. 2 cog-wheels each with 40, 20, 15, 10 teeth, 1 crown-wheel and 1 worm. Cog-wheels can be stuck together; that makes a great number of gearing combinations possible.
€5.90 *
Kettenantrieb (Set aus Kettenrädern und Kette)
Chain-drive, consisting of 4 chain-wheels and 1 m chain. Transmissions 1:1 respectively 8:16. Drill holes 2,9 mm Ø. Chain can be shortened as you like. Chain-drives are used für non slip power transmissions over larger distances, while...
€9.90 *
Flüssigmetall zur Reparatur & Bearbeitung
Liquid metal
Liquid metal, repairs damaged metal surfaces, parts with casting defects, fills drill holes and repairs damaged spindles. Hard as steel within 5 hours. Can be worked like metal after drying. Not electrically conductive.
Content 60 g (€23.17 * / 100 g)
€13.90 *
Lichtleiter für Modellbau Beleuchtung
Light conductors
Light conductors. Fibre optiscout of plastic, conduct light invisibly over long distances round corners and edges into difficult places you want. For lighting of model ships, aeroplanes, engines and signals the light conductors can be...
Content 1 Laufende(r) Meter
From €3.70 *
Mikro Ketten aus Messing (versch. Stärken)
Micro chains
Micro chains made of brass. For use in model railway engineering, military model engineering, ship's model engineering. Length each 1m. Sizes: wire strength 0.2 mm, Size of one chain link 0.9 x 1.1 mm wire strength 0.3 mm, Size of one...
Content 1 Laufende(r) Meter
€6.20 *
Miniatur-Kugellager aus Edelstahl (metrisch)
Mini ball bearings
Mini ball bearings, metrical-stainless-steel .The most remarkable features of all our ball bearings are their easy running, their long life, the low sound level and the equipment of covering discs on both sides against dirtying (* =...
€7.90 *
Insulating bushes
Insulating bushes
Insulating bush, wheel disc hole Ø 3.6 mm for MÄRKLIN 2.5 mm axes. Insulating bush, wheel disc hole Ø 3.2 mm for MÄRKLIN 2.0 mm axes. Insulating bush, wheel disc hole Ø 3.0 mm for 2.0 mm axes. Insulating bush, wheel disc hole Ø 2.4 mm...
Content 10 Stück (€0.69 * / 1 Stück)
€6.90 *
Schrumpfschlauch Set farbig in Box (versch. Ø)
Heat shrink tube - Assortment, colour
Heat shrink tube, 100 pcs. assortment, color, 2:1, in 100 mm lengths. Ø 1.5 mm (30 pcs. black), Ø 2.5 mm (30 pcs. yellow), Ø 4.0 mm (20 pcs. red), Ø 6.0 mm (10 pcs. green), Ø 10 mm (6 pcs. blue), 13 mm (4 pcs. white). In a plastic box,...
€5.90 *