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Special holder
Special holder
Special holder, 3 prongs out of wire. Made of metal.
€7.90 *
Tweezers scissors
Tweezers scissors, 130mm length, for cutting small pieces of paper or thin cardboard.
€10.90 *
Cutting tweezers
Cutting tweezers, 15 AGW from EREM, with slanting tip, for precisely detaching small parts from etched details up to approx. 0.25 mm. Length 115 mm.
€54.90 *
Kreuzpinzette 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers with duck-bill business end. Length 160 mm.
€10.90 *
Kleine Kreuzpinzette 57 mm
Small Reverse action tweezers
Small Reverse action tweezers, length 53 mm, grooved jaws, opening of jaws max. 2 mm.
€8.90 *
Präzisionspinzette gebogen 108 mm
Precision tweezers
Precision tweezers, with fine curved points. Anti-magnetic stainless steel. Length 108 mm.
€13.90 *
Mechaniker Pinzette gebogen
Mechanics tweezers
Mechanics tweezers, made of steel and for general purpose work. Curved points.
€6.50 *
Die dritte Hand - Montagehilfe im Modellbau
Third hand
Third hand. Tweezers on iron base, adjustable as you like by 2 ball and socket joints. Leaves both hands free for work.
€13.90 *
Modellbau Montagepinzette aus Edelstahl
Assembly tweezers for model engineering
Assembly tweezers for model en-gineering, made of high-grade stainless steel, with thin finely ground smooth faced jaws. Ideal for assembling small units. Length 120 mm.
€10.90 *
Montagepinzette mit flachen, breiten Backen
Assembly Tweezers
Assembly Tweezers with two flat even jaws, 45-degree angle, approx. length 120 mm.
€6.30 *
Kuppler-Pinzette für Modelleisenbahn
Coupling tweezers
Coupling tweezers. (Licence REPA) Assists when coupling and de-coupling model trains gauge 0 and I being equipped with a screw coupling. Length about 150 mm, stainless steel.
€12.90 *
Juwelierpinzette gerade
Jewellers tweezers
Jewellers tweezers with fine points. Length 125 mm approx.
€5.90 *
Uhrmacherpinzette gerade antimagnetisch 115 mm
Watch makers tweezers
Watch makers tweezers. Precision tweezers with fine pointed ends, antimagnetic. Length 120 mm.
€5.90 *
Juwelierpinzette gebogen
Jewellers tweezers curved
Jewellers tweezers, curved, half pointed. Fitted with guide pin to keep points together. Approx. length 120 mm.
€7.90 *
Uhrmacherpinzette gerade,vernickelt
Watch makers tweezers
Watch makers tweezers, with fine pointed ends. Nickel plated, approx. 108 mm long.
€8.90 *
Lötkreuzpinzette gebogen
Reverse action tweezers curved 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers, curved with heat resilient handle to 100° C for soldering. Length 160 mm.
€9.90 *
Lötkreuzpinzette gerade
Reverse action tweezers for soldering 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers, with heat resilient handle to 100° C for soldering. Length 160 mm.
€9.90 *
Kunststoffpinzetten - Plastikpinzetten
Plastic Tweezers
Plastic Tweezers, blue, length 130 mm, width of points approx. 3 mm (colour blue) Plastic Tweezers, white, length 150 mm, width of points approx. 3.5 mm (colour white)
€2.50 *
Titan Lötpinzette
Titanium Tweezers
Titanium Tweezers, heat resistant, antimagnetic, solder repellent, length 120 mm.
€16.90 *
Touch Point Präzisionspinzette 130 mm
Touch Point tweezers
Touch Point tweezers reduce the amount of work by approx. 33% due to the attached recessed grips (ergonomically designed). The forces acting on tweezer tips and gripped components are reduced to a minimum. The tweezers are retained for...
From €11.50 *
Kreuzpinzette aus Titan 160 mm
Titanium Reverse Action Tweezers
Titanium Reverse Action Tweezers, heat resistant, solder repellent, length 160 mm. Suitable as soldering tweezers, does not conduct heat.
€26.90 *
Pinzette 200 mm gerade mit Kunststoffspitze
Tweezers stainless, tip coated
Tweezers stainless, straight, tip coated with plastic, length 200 mm.
€8.50 *
Helping hands
Helping hands
Helping hands , indispensable for all delicate work where you need both hands to work, such as soldering and fine assembly work. Four flexible arms with 360° swivel clamps hold workpieces or circuit boards firmly, sturdy and non-slip...
€29.90 *

Tweezers are an important type of tool in model making. They are used to grip and move small parts that cannot be gripped well with the fingers alone. There are different types of tweezers that are suitable for different tasks in model making.




One of the most common types of tweezers used in model making are the so-called pointed tweezers. These tweezers have a pointed shape and are particularly thin, which makes them ideal for gripping and moving very small parts. Needle-nose pliers are especially useful when it comes to routing or placing small electronic parts, such as when building circuit boards.




There are also tweezers with wider tips that are good for gripping and moving larger parts. These tweezers are especially useful when attaching or removing larger parts such as body panels or other components.




There are also tweezers with special tips designed for specific modeling tasks. For example, there are tweezers with curved tips that are good for gripping parts from tight corners. Other tweezers have extra short tips that are good for placing parts into small holes or openings.




Overall, tweezers are an indispensable tool for many modeling jobs. They make it easier to grip and move small parts and are available in many different styles to suit any modeling task.