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Greifpinzette mit drei Greifarmen
Special holder
Special holder, 3 prongs out of wire. Made of metal.
€7.90 *
Tweezers scissors
Tweezers scissors, 130mm length, for cutting small pieces of paper or thin cardboard.
€10.90 *
Cutting tweezers
Cutting tweezers, 15 AGW from EREM, with slanting tip, for precisely detaching small parts from etched details up to approx. 0.25 mm. Length 115 mm.
€47.90 *
Kreuzpinzette 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers with duck-bill business end. Length 160 mm.
€9.90 *
Kleine Kreuzpinzette 57 mm
Small Reverse action tweezers
Small Reverse action tweezers, length 53 mm, grooved jaws, opening of jaws max. 2 mm.
€8.90 *
Präzisionspinzette gebogen 108 mm
Precision tweezers
Precision tweezers, with fine curved points. Anti-magnetic stainless steel. Length 108 mm.
€12.90 *
Mechaniker Pinzette gebogen
Mechanics tweezers
Mechanics tweezers, made of steel and for general purpose work. Curved points.
€5.90 *
Die dritte Hand - Montagehilfe im Modellbau
Third hand
Third hand. Tweezers on iron base, adjustable as you like by 2 ball and socket joints. Leaves both hands free for work.
€13.90 *
Modellbau Montagepinzette aus Edelstahl
Assembly tweezers for model engineering
Assembly tweezers for model en-gineering, made of high-grade stainless steel, with thin finely ground smooth faced jaws. Ideal for assembling small units. Length 120 mm.
€10.90 *
Montagepinzette mit flachen, breiten Backen
Assembly Tweezers
Assembly Tweezers with two flat even jaws, 45-degree angle, approx. length 125 mm.
€5.90 *
Kuppler-Pinzette für Modelleisenbahn
Coupling tweezers
Coupling tweezers. (Licence REPA) Assists when coupling and de-coupling model trains gauge 0 and I being equipped with a screw coupling. Length about 150 mm, stainless steel.
€12.90 *
Juwelierpinzette gerade
Jewellers tweezers
Jewellers tweezers with fine points. Length 125 mm approx.
€5.90 *
Uhrmacherpinzette gerade antimagnetisch 115 mm
Watch makers tweezers
Watch makers tweezers. Precision tweezers with fine pointed ends, antimagnetic. Length 115 mm.
€5.90 *
Juwelierpinzette gebogen
Jewellers tweezers curved
Jewellers tweezers, curved, half pointed. Fitted with guide pin to keep points together. Approx. length 120 mm.
€7.90 *
Lötkreuzpinzette gebogen
Reverse action tweezers curved 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers, curved with heat resilient handle to 100° C for soldering. Length 160 mm.
€9.90 *
Lötkreuzpinzette gerade
Reverse action tweezers for soldering 160 mm
Reverse action tweezers, with heat resilient handle to 100° C for soldering. Length 160 mm.
€9.90 *
Kunststoffpinzetten - Plastikpinzetten
Plastic Tweezers
Plastic Tweezers, blue, length 130 mm, width of points approx. 3 mm (colour blue) Plastic Tweezers, white, length 150 mm, width of points approx. 3.5 mm (colour white)
€2.50 *
Titan Lötpinzette
Titanium Tweezers
Titanium Tweezers, heat resistant, antimagnetic, solder repellent, length 120 mm.
€16.90 *
Touch Point Präzisionspinzette 130 mm
Touch Point tweezers
Touch Point tweezers reduce the amount of work by approx. 33% due to the attached recessed grips (ergonomically designed). The forces acting on tweezer tips and gripped components are reduced to a minimum. The tweezers are retained for...
From €11.50 *
Kreuzpinzette aus Titan 160 mm
Titanium Reverse Action Tweezers
Titanium Reverse Action Tweezers, heat resistant, solder repellent, length 160 mm. Suitable as soldering tweezers, does not conduct heat.
€26.90 *
Pinzette 200 mm gerade mit Hieb
Tweezers stainless, 200 mm
Tweezers stainless, straight, with cut, blunt tip, length 200 mm.
€7.90 *
Pinzette 200 mm gerade mit Kunststoffspitze
Tweezers stainless, tip coated
Tweezers stainless, straight, tip coated with plastic, length 200 mm.
€8.50 *