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Fräsersatz, 5-teilig
Set of milling cutters
Set of milling cutters, 5 pcs. with C-cut(TiCN) coating, with cylinder-shank Ø 6 mm and 3 flutes. As good as shank type milling and slot drills. Diameters 2-3-4-5-6 mm.
€79.90 *
Set of fine milling cutters
Set of fine milling cutters, 5 pcs. of following forms: ball - wheel - cone - taper - cylinder. Head diameter 2.3 mm, shank diameter 2.34 mm. For working on non-iron metals, wood and plastics.
€7.90 *
Milling cutters stand
Milling cutters stand, made of plastic with approx. 700 combinations. For storing milling tools, drills, grinders polishing tools etc. with 2.34 mm shanks. Delivery without tools. Measurement 125 x 78 mm.
€7.90 *
MICRO-Fräse MF 70
MICRO-Fräse MF 70
Proxxon MICRO-Fräse MF 70 , stabiler Maschinenfuß aus Grauguss, Vertikalführung und Kreuztisch aus hochfestem Aluminium (oberflächen-verdichtet). In allen Achsen spielfreie, nachjustierbare Schwalbenschwanzführung. Auslegergehäuse aus...
€325.00 *
Kegelsenker HSS DIN 335
Precision - Countersinks, HSS, 90° DIN 335 C, three-fluted pointed with straight shank, 2 sizes. Head- Ø 4.3 mm - Shank-Ø 4.0 mm - smallest Ø 1.3 mm - total length 40 mm Head- Ø 6.0 mm - Shank-Ø 5.0 mm - smallest Ø 1.5 mm - total length...
€10.90 *
Langlochfräser Bohrnutenfräser HSS
Slot drills
Slot drills, short with straigth shank 6 mm Ø and 2 flutes. HSS-E08 DIN 327 Typ N
€14.90 *
Minifräser HSS-Co-8
Mini milling cutters
Mini milling cutters, 3 flutes and cylindrical shank 6 mm. Equally suitable for shank type milling and slot drilling.
€18.90 *
End mills
End mills, short with straigth shank 6 mm Ø and 3 or 4 flutes. HSS-E08 DIN 844K Typ N Different diameters: 2.00 mm 2.50 mm 3.00 mm 4.00 mm 5.00 mm 6.00 mm
€14.90 *

Milling is a manufacturing technique used in model making to create precise and accurate shapes and edges on models. It involves using a rotating tool called a router to remove material from a workpiece. Milling can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, metal and even stone.




In model making, there are several types of routers that are suitable for different applications. Probably the best known type is the circular router, which is used primarily for routing curves and curves. There are also flat milling machines, which are mainly used for milling surfaces and edges. There are also special milling machines for specific applications in model making, such as serpentine milling machines, which are particularly suitable for milling in tight curves and corners, and wedge milling machines, which are particularly suitable for milling material in grooves and flutes.




Milling in model making usually requires the use of special milling tools and milling lathes. These tools and machines are usually very precise and allow you to create accurate and detailed shapes and edges on models. However, milling in model making can also be done with manual tools, such as a router or hand router.




Milling in model making should always be done carefully and cautiously to avoid damage to the models. It is also important to sharpen milling tools regularly to ensure that they can perform their function well.




Overall, milling is an important manufacturing technique in model making and can help create precise and accurate shapes and edges on models.