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Fräsersatz, 5-teilig
Set of milling cutters
Set of milling cutters, 5 pcs. with C-cut(TiCN) coating, with cylinder-shank Ø 6 mm and 3 flutes. As good as shank type milling and slot drills. Diameters 2-3-4-5-6 mm.
€69.00 *
Set of fine milling cutters
Set of fine milling cutters, 5 pcs. of following forms: ball - wheel - cone - taper - cylinder. Head diameter 2.3 mm, shank diameter 2.34 mm. For working on non-iron metals, wood and plastics.
€6.90 *
Milling cutters stand
Milling cutters stand, made of plastic with approx. 700 combinations. For storing milling tools, drills, grinders polishing tools etc. with 2.34 mm shanks. 
€7.50 *
Kegelsenker HSS DIN 335
Countersinks, 90° DIN 335, three-fluted pointed with straight shank.
€9.90 *
Langlochfräser Bohrnutenfräser HSS
Slot drills
Slot drills, short with straigth shank 6 mm Ø and 2 flutes. HSS-E08 DIN 327 Typ N
€13.90 *
Minifräser HSS-Co-8
Mini milling cutters
Mini milling cutters, 3 flutes and cylindrical shank 6 mm. Equally suitable for shank type milling and slot drilling.
€14.90 *
End mills
End mills, short with straigth shank 6 mm Ø and 3 or 4 flutes. HSS-E08 DIN 844K Typ N
€13.90 *