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Tools for laying the flex tracks of your model railways


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Tools for laying the flex tracks of your model railways


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Gleisklammern für Flexgleise
Track clamps
Track clamps for holding lengths of flexible track in position during fixing. Also enables the track to be cut precisely and laid accurately. Suitable for all makes of flexible track. Instruction and a hexagon key wrench are enclosd....
Content 2 Stück (€8.95 * / 1 Stück)
From €17.90 *
Abstandshalter für Flexgleise
Adjustable spacer
Adjustable spacer for laying double track ensuring correct way. Especially useful when used in conjunction with Track Clamps. Track H0 - can be adjusted from 40 mm to 64.6 mm. Track TT / H0m - can be adjusted from 32 to 60 mm. Track N /...
From €23.90 *
Ballpoint hexagon key wrenches
Ballpoint hexagon key wrenches with plastic handle, 2.5 mm - especially for Krause-Clamps and adjustable spacers.
€4.50 *
Nageldrücker für Gleisbau
Nail pushers Tool for model railway track...
Nail trigger or also nail fix called. Nailing without hammer. Suitable for model making and track nails. The shank contains a magnetic nail pick-up. Insert the nail into the shank (the shank length is adjustable), press on the rail,...
€16.90 *
Spezialradiergummi für Modellbahn Schienen & Räder
Special rubber
Special rubber for cleaning of very dirty model rails and model wheels.
€5.90 *
Needle Nose Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers with plain inside jaws; width at tip only 1.2 x 0.4 mm. For holding small components as well as for holding and angling wires. Length 115 mm.
€19.90 *
Nagelheber für Modellgleisbau
Railroad Track Nail Lifter Tool
Nail lifter for easy removal of nails and staples. New design from WIHA. Slot width 1 mm, Total length 150 mm.
€13.90 *
Lehre für Radsatz und Gleis (Spurlehre)
Wheel and track gauge
Wheel and track gauge. For gauging wheels and tracks. Instructions supplied. H0 /16.5 mm TT and H0m / 12 mm N und H0e / 9 mm
€12.90 *
Modellbahn Gleisbau: Vorstecher
Pricker for model railway track...
Pre-cutters, indispensable also for screwing tracks. New design, wooden handle unpainted!
€5.50 *