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Measuring instruments & Marker

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Kleiner Körner mit feiner Spitze, gehärtet und vernickelt
Small centre punch
Small centre punch with fine tip, hardened and nickel-plated. Length 80 mm, diameter 6 mm.
€4.50 *
Mini Automatik Körner (Federkörner)
Mini automatic centre punch
Mini automatic centre punch with spring mechanism and adjustable punching intensity. The point is replaceable. Length 95 mm, 30 gms. Made in Germany.
€22.90 *
Zahnradlehre 7 Module DIN 5480
Gauge for gearwheels
Gauge for gearwheels. A simple tool out of 0.3 mm nickel silver sheet for quick finding of a gearwheel module.
€5.40 *
Maßstablineale aus Aluminium
Scale rulers
Scale rulers made of aluminium, robust, solvent-resistant, scratch-resistant, weather-proof, with 30 cm metric graduation on one side and scale on the opposite side.
From €6.00 *
Stahlwinkel mit Anschlag versch. Abmessungen
Steel squares with back
Steel squares with back, quality II, edges precision adjusted, sides finely finished. In 2 different sizes: 75 x 50 mm 100 x 70 mm
From €13.90 *
Ersatzspitze für Mini Automatik Körner (Federkörner)
Mini automatic centre punch - spare punch point
Spare punch point for mini automatic centre punch no. 40138.
€4.50 *
Ersatzspritze für Mini-Automatikkörner
Mini automatic centre punch - spare punch point...
Spare punch point for mini automatic centre punch, only for the older version 40134.
€4.90 *
Winkelmesser, Gradmesser Ø 80 mm
Angle gauge
Angle gauge for measurements from 0-180 degrees. Diameter of protector 80 mm, Length of blade 120 mm.
€18.90 *
Zehntelmaß, Federlehre, Triebmaß, Zapfenzirkel
Spring gauge
Spring gauge, light pattern with brass scale, reading 0.1mm. For quick measuring of diameters and thickness of plates. Messuring capacitiy 10mm.
€14.90 *
Streichmaß mit Anreißmessschieber Messbereich 200 mm
Marking Gauge
Marking Gauge, flat version with mm-calibration, chrome-plated and rustless. Range 200 mm. Useful for marking and tracing on flat parts.
€29.90 *
Kleiner Anschlagwinkel 90 Grad (110 x 55 x 0,4 mm)
Small Try Square
Small Try Square (recommendation: Ralf Siewertsen). Blade is made from 0.4 mm stainless spring steel. Height of stock 0.4 mm. Dimension approx. 110 x 55 mm. Useful for working on sheet material from 0.5 mm.
€9.90 *
Flachwinkel 90 Grad (110 x 55 x 1 mm)
Small Square
Small Square, without back, made of 1mm strong steel sheet, nickel-plated. Measurements: 110 x 55mm.
€4.90 *
Präzisions-Haarlineal 75 mm DIN 874
Knife straight edge
Knife straight edge, hardened, micro ground and lapped. Length 75mm.
€17.00 *
Mikro Zentrierwinkel - Länge 55 mm
Micro centring angle
Micro centring angle, for centring of discs and shafts. Length 55 mm, 5 gms. Small batch production.
€52.90 *
Präzisions Düsenlehre (Lochlehre) Messbereich 0 - 3 mm
Jet gauge
Jet gauge with hardened and ground tapered needle, Direct reading 0.1 mm. Range 0-3 mm. For quick and direct measuring of small bores.
€55.00 *
Magnet Messstativ mit Messuhraufnahme 8 mm
Magnetic stand
Magnetic stand with fine adjustment. Total height 231 mm. Consist of a stand and prismatic magnetic base with on-off lever. Chromed column Ø 12 x 176 mm, M8 Meas.arm Ø 10 x 150 mm Magnetic base 63 x 50 x 55 mm (LxBxH), Magnet force 60 kg.
€27.00 *
Messuhr mit Messbereich 10 mm (Aufnahme Ø 8 mm)
Dial indicator
Dial indicator, measuring capacity 10 mm, 0.01 mm divisions. Outside diam. of bezel 58 mm, shank Ø 8 H6, metal casing, with tolerance marks. Dial face rotatable by outer ring.
€28.00 *
Pantograph, Reduktionszirkel, Storchenschnabel
Proportional divider
Proportional divider. This tool is used for copying drawings on an enlarged or reduced scale, dividing lines and circles into equal parts, quick and exact solving of difficult measurement problems, finding distances on maps without scale...
€83.90 *
Präzisions-Uhrmessschieber 150 mm
Dial caliper
Dial caliper, NEW , made of stainless steel, measuring capacity 150 mm, reading 0.01 mm, 1 point round = 1 mm, hardened, 4-way measurements, jaws 40 mm, backside with crew table, DIN 862. In plastic box.
€49.90 *
Digitaler Messschieber 150 mm im Etui
Electronic digital caliper
Electronic digital caliper, stainless, hardened steel. Measuring range 150mm, jaws 40 mm. Reading: 0.01mm / 0.0005", 0 and Reset button, data output, in case.
€39.90 *
Mini Messschieber (Baby-Schieblehre)
Baby vernier caliper
Baby vernier caliper of stainless steel, scale satin chromed. Size 0 - 100 mm, nonius 1/20. Jaws 30 mm.
€26.90 *
Taschenmessschieber (Schieblehre) 150 mm rostfrei
Pocket venire
Pocket venire caliper of stainless steel with instantaneous adjustment. Range 150 mm, jaws 40 mm. Venire 1/20 mm and 1/128". Incl. plastic pouch.
€27.90 *
Präzisions-Fühlerlehre Satz mit 13 Blatt
Metric feeler gauge
Metric feeler gauge. 13 blades are provided in an integra-ted nickel plated cover. 0.05 - 0.10 - 0.15 - 0.20 - 0.25 - 0.30 - 0.40 - 0.50 - 0.60 - 0.70 - 0.80 - 0.90 - 1.00 mm
€3.70 *
Gewindelehre, Gewindeschablone mit 52 Blatt
Screw pitch gauge
Screw pitch gauge with 52 blades for measuring and identifying of threads on screws and machineparts from M1 upwrds. A comparison table is included. For metric, English, and American threads.
€7.50 *
Reißnadel mit Hartmetallspitze - Länge 145 mm
Carbide pointed scriber
Carbide pointed scriber. Steel scriber with carbide tip. Length 145 mm.
€4.00 *
Kleine Reißnadel mit feiner, gehärteter Spitze - Länge 125 mm
Small steel scriber
Small steel scriber with fine, hardened point and aluminium handle. Length 125 mm approx.
€4.90 *
Reißnadel gerade und gebogene Spitze - Länge 250 mm
Steel scriber with one straigt and one right...
Steel scriber, with one straigt and one right angledpoint. Knurled handle. Length: 250 mm.
€4.00 *
Anreißfarbe (sehr gutem Kontrast bei Metallen)
Marking ink
Marking ink. Gives good contrast on all metals. Contents 50 ml. Cleaning before application and removing of marking ink with methylated spirit.
€4.90 *
Zentrierwinkel aus Spezialstahl für Modellbau
Centre square for model engineering made of...
Centre square for model engineering made of carbon steel, with mm-graduation, scale satin chrome finish for centring of discs and shafts up to 90 mm diameter. Size 100 x 70 mm.
€39.90 *
Stahlmaßstäbe (Stahllineale) rostfrei versch. Längen
Stainless steel rule
Stainless steel rule, graduation mm and 1/2 mm.
From €3.50 *
Stahlwinkel ohne Anschlag versch. Abmessungen
Steel squares without back
Steel squares without back, quality II, edges precision adjusted, sides finely finished. In 2 different sizes: 75 x 50 mm 100 x 70 mm
From €9.90 *
Lineal mit Facette aus verzinktem Stahl - 30 cm lang
Bevel-edged rule
Bevel-edged rule made of steel. Measurements 300 x 40 x 5 mm, weight 400 grms. Especially suitable for cutting with knife or scalpel. Zinc-plated. In 2 different types: without graduation or with mm-graduation
From €14.90 *
Digitaler Messschieber 100 mm im Etui
Digital caliper, small
Digital caliper, small, DIN 862, stainless steel, hardened. Measuring range 100 mm, jaws 30 mm. Reading: 0.01mm / 0.0005", 0 and Reset button, in case.
€45.00 *
Präzisions Haarwinkel 75 x 50 mm DIN 875/00
Control square
Control square with 2 bevelled edge, black brandes, made of tool steel, hardened, without back, size 75 x 50 mm.
€25.00 *
Kleiner Präzisions-Uhrmessschieber 100 mm DIN 862
Dial caliper, small
Small dial caliper, stainless steel, hardened, 4-way measurements, dial Ø 32 mm, jaws 30 mm, measuring capacity 100 mm, reading 0.02 = 1/50 mm (1 point round 2 mm) In plastic box.
€44.90 *
Winkelmesser Halbkreis
Protractor 0-180 degrees
Angle gauge for measurements from 0-180 degrees. Diameter of protector 80 mm, Length of blade 120 mm.
€0.90 *