Cutting flexible tracks » Tools for shortening model railway rails


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Cutting flexible tracks » Tools for shortening model railway rails


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XURON Gleisschneider
XURON Railway Cutter
XURON Railway Cutter from special steel. Cuts cleanly through model railway tracks. Available in 2 different versions, made in USA. XURON Railway Cutter for tracks made of brass and nickel steel (e.g. Roco, Tillig, Fleischmann, Peco)...
From €24.90 *
Diamant-Trennscheibe Ø 19 x 0,65 mm
Diamond cutting disc
Diamond cutting disc, Ø 19 x 0.65 mm encl. shank.
From €17.90 *
Biegewelle Proxxon Micromot 110/BF
Flexible Drive Proxxon Micromot 110 BF
Flexible Drive 110/BF extremely flexible, triple ball bearing system, with quick-action chuck of 0.3-3.2 mm. Total length 100 cm. For maximum speed of 25,000rpm.
€30.90 *
Bohrschleifer (mit Spannzangen) Proxxon Micromot 50E
Minidrill MICROMOT 60/E, for milling and drilling, electronic speed control from 5,000 - 20,000 rpm, stable housing of fibreglass, with steel collets in sizes 1.0-1.5-2.0-2.4-3.0-3.2 mm. MICROMOT -Transformer is necessary. 12V DC, 40 W....
€36.00 *
Transformer Proxxon Micromot NG 2 E
Transformer Proxxon Micromot NG 2 E
Transformer NG 2/E with electronic speed control. 220-240 V, capacity of 2.0 A at 12 V under load, weight 1 kg.
€38.50 *
Universalhalter Proxxon UHZ (Gerätehalter für Micromot)
Universal Holder UHZ
Universal Holder with ball and socket, easily and securely to be fitted to a workbench or table (max. 60 mm) top by means of a wing nut. For MICROMOT.
€33.90 *


How to cut flex track?

We present three solutions how you can cut the tracks of your model railway quickly, easily and above all with a good quality result:

Cutting off with the track tongs:

  • XURON track cutters for brass and nickel silver rails
  • XURON track cutter for stainless steel rails (e.g. Märklin tracks)


The side cutter is available in two versions: for nickel silver and brass tracks as well as for model railroad tracks made of stainless steel like Märklin. Please make sure that you order the right pliers to shorten your flex tracks.

A special advantage of the track cutter is that it cuts one side cleanly straight, the profile on this side is then wadeless! It is important to set the track cutter exactly perpendicular to the track profile. This can happen by hand as well as with the flat lying flex track on your work surface. With very little force it is possible to separate the track cleanly. 

Hint: A slight burr is nevertheless created on the underside of the rail profile. So that the track connector is easy to put on, you can remove the burr effortlessly with a fine file and a slight pulling effect.

Separate electrically with the multi-tool:

  • Diamond cutting disc Ø 30 mm
  • Mini drill (PROXXON Micromot 50 E)
  • Power supply (PROXXON Micromot NG 2 E)
  • Flexible shaft (PROXXON Micromot 110 BF)
  • Device holder (PROXXON UHZ)


The PROXXON machine with a flexible shaft separates the rail profile as cleanly as the video shows. It is important that you use a diamond cutting disc with a diameter of 30 mm. The advantage of the 30 mm is that you can place the cut-off wheel exactly perpendicular to the track. With a smaller cut-off wheel, it can happen that you don't start at a 90 degree angle and then cut the track profile at an angle - this would give you a lot of reworking. 


Saw by hand with the rail saw:

  • Rail saw for model railway tracks
  • spare saw blade
  • Small cutting drawer


The fine toothing of the hand saw guarantees you an equally clean cut. A small cutting drawer in which you can clamp the track profile helps you to do this. The steel profile in front fixes your flex track and reduces vibrations. 

Hint: However, the service life of the finely serrated saw blade is not too long. We therefore recommend that you buy a replacement saw blade for your rail saw.