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Table Workplace Lamp
Table Workplace Lamp
Replacement flourescent tube
€57.90 *
montagelupe 10 fach auf dreifuß für kleinteile
Assembly magnifier
Assembly magnifier, 10 x magnifying, adjustable sharpness, on chromium-plated tripod. An indispen-sable tool for assembling fine and small units.
€22.90 *
Kopfbandlupe mit LED Scheinwerfer
Head band magnifier with LED
Head band magnifier with LED spotlight with four lenses: 1,2x (520-620mm)/ 1,8x (230-320mm)/ 2,5x (150-250mm)/ 3,5x (80-120mm) magnification. Deposit box for 4 lenses and cleaning cloth, incl. 2 batteries AAA 1.5 V. Head band is...
€24.90 *
Uhrmacherlupe 3-fach
Eye glass for watch makers
Eye glass for watch makers, 3x magnification, plastic case.
€4.50 *
Profi Lupenleuchte mit 80 LEDs (3 Dioptrien)
Magnifier lamp with 80 LED's
Magnifier lamp with 80 LED's. Large projection and extreme mobility, for table fastening. Projection approximate 110 cm. Magnifer swivelling to 360°, diameter of glass lens 127 mm, magnification x 2.25 (5 dpt).
€109.90 *

A tricky topic: not only in old age can visual impairment become a challenge.

Especially in model making it is often necessary to add a small part to another small part to fit perfectly. Precision is required for such filigree assemblies. This is only possible with good workplace lighting and, above all, a good view of the details. 

Visual aids & magnification make it easier for you to work on details.

The magnifying lamp complements your workplace with two functions:

  • Workplace lighting with 90 LEDs
  • Magnification by 3 diopters

A comprehensive work with perfect lighting under the aid is simply possible. The magnifying glass is easily adjustable to the object you want to see magnified. For activities outside your viewing angle, it is advisable to let the magnifying lamp move with you.

The magnifier for the head is very flexible in the application.

There are four different lenses for magnification with 1.2x - 1.8x - 2.5x - 3.5x. The lenses can be easily clamped into the frame and are foldable upwards.

A punctual LED light supports you with a good illumination - exactly where you need it. The headband is adjustable to any head size. The working area is flexible, as both the magnification function and the adequate lighting always take place within your field of vision.

You can also use the headband magnifier as a spectacle wearer. However, varifocals are not recommended.

Hint: the ideal distance to the workpiece is usually between 25 and 30 cm.