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Track Z model railway special tool for your 1:220 model railway

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Track Z model railway special tool for your 1:220 model railway

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Abstandshalter für Flexgleise
Adjustable spacer
Adjustable spacer for laying double track ensuring correct way. Especially useful when used in conjunction with Track Clamps. Track H0 - can be adjusted from 40 mm to 64.6 mm. Track TT / H0m - can be adjusted from 32 to 60 mm. Track N /...
From €26.90 *
Abzieher für Räder Spur TT, N und Z (bis 28 mm Ø)
Mini Wheel Puller Z, N, TT, H0
Mini Wheel Puller especially suited for very finde cast model railway wheels with plastic centres, up to 28 mm diameter (Z - N - TT - H0). With spindle point 1.8 Ø standard - for H0. Tip: Order spare tips at the same time!
€31.90 *

Z gauge is a scale size in the field of model railroads that corresponds to 1:220. This means that a train or a landscape in Z gauge represent 1/220 of their real size. The tracks in Z gauge have a spacing of 6.5 mm, which is slightly smaller than other sizes such as N gauge or H0 gauge.




Z gauge was developed at the end of the 20th century and is especially popular with collectors and lovers of Japanese model railroads. The small size of Z gauge makes it possible to build very detailed and realistic models, but they also save space, so they can fit in smaller rooms.




There is a limited selection of trains, scenery, and accessories in Z Gauge, as it is a more specialized size. Popular manufacturers of Z scale model trains include Kato and Tomix.




Those interested in Z scale model trains should also be aware of the different power systems that can be used. Most Z scale trains are operated with direct current, but there are also digital trains that are operated via digital control and are therefore particularly flexible.




Overall, Z scale model trains is an interesting size for collectors and lovers of Japanese model trains. It offers many possibilities for creating detailed and realistic models, but due to its specialized nature it is not suitable for every model railroader.