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Sanding & Polishing

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Glass fibre refill, 4 mm Ø
Glass fibre refill, 4 mm Ø
Glass fibre refill, 4 mm Ø
From €0.70 *
Schleifstab und Ersatz-Schleifbänder
Grindstick and spare belts
Grindstick, approx. 165 mm long with exchangeable grinding band. Special construction of stick provides pushing the 6.4 mm wide band, so it can be used all around. Grit 320. Set of 3 spare belts, grit 320, 400 and 600. Spare belt, 1...
From €2.00 *
Stichelhefte aus Hartholz
Handles for gravers
Handles for gravers, made of wood, polished and nickel plated ferrule. ball shape mushroom shape, 1 flat side
€2.50 *
Radierer mit Glashaarpinsel - Durchmesser 4 mm
Glass fibre burnishing tool, 4 mm Ø
Glass fibre burnishing tool with plastic handle and glass fibre refill (4 mm Ø). Length 120 mm.
€5.00 *
Stahlwolle zum Schleifen und Polieren
Steel wool
Steel wool, produced from specially tough steel wire, rolls of 200 g each. Optimal for grinding and polishing of wood and plastics. Steel wool is more suitable than grinding paper: No scratching marks and no clogging up.
€4.50 *
Biegewelle Proxxon Micromot 110/BF
Flexible Drive Proxxon Micromot 110 BF
Flexible Drive 110/BF extremely flexible, triple ball bearing system, with quick-action chuck of 0.3-3.2 mm. Total length 100 cm. For maximum speed of 25,000rpm.
€28.50 *
Netzgerät Proxxon Micromot NG 2E
Transformer Proxxon Micromot NG 2 E
Transformer NG 2/E with electronic speed control. 220-240 V, capacity of 2.0 A at 12 V under load, weight 1 kg.
€28.50 *
Universalhalter Proxxon UHZ (Gerätehalter für Micromot)
Universal Holder UHZ
Universal Holder with ball and socket, easily and securely to be fitted to a workbench or table (max. 60 mm) top by means of a wing nut. For MICROMOT.
€24.50 *
Brass wire brush
Brass wire brush, slightly curved, length 160 mm, wire diameter 0.15 mm, 3-row.
€4.50 *
Arkansas oil stone
Arkansas oil stone for especially fine sharpening of all cutting tools. As grinding fluid we recommend our drilling oil No. 90 905. Measurements 100 x 25 x 13 mm.
€9.90 *
Micro Abrasive Paper
Micro Abrasive Paper for wet and dry grinding. 1 sheet grinding paper each grain 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000. Eeach 230 x 280 mm. For grinding of metal, wood, plastics.
€4.90 *
Burnishing tool for engines
Burnishing tool for engines. Replaceable burnishing pin made of flexible plastic containing fine grained grinding powder. Holder holds burnishing pin by a collet chuck. Suitable for all mini drills. Length 55 mm and shank 2.34 mm.
€6.90 *
Ersatz Radierstifte
Burnishing pins for refill
Burnishing pins for refill, 5 pcs. in a bag.
€3.40 *
Schleifvliesbürsten mit Scotch Brite
Miniature brushes with Scotch Brite™
Miniature brushes with Scotch Brite™ 3 pcs.: fine - medium - coarse, Ø 25 mm
€7.50 *
Bürste aus abrasivem Nylon
Brush of abrasive nylon
Brush of abrasive nylon for removing old paint layers on metal models. Shank 2.34 mm Ø.
€5.40 *
Bohrschleifer (mit Spannzangen) Proxxon Micromot 50E
Minidrill MICROMOT 50/E, for milling and drilling, electronic speed control from 5,000 - 20,000 rpm, stable housing of fibreglass, with steel collets in sizes 1.0-1.5-2.0-2.4-3.0-3.2 mm. MICROMOT -Transformer is necessary. 12V DC, 40 W....
€32.90 *
Wire brushes
Wire brushes . The wheel wire brushes are used for cleaning surfaces and for removing flux and scale etc. Approx. 20 mm diameter and supplied with shank. Steel wire Brass wire Silversteel wire
From €2.30 *
Gummiträger und Schleifblätter
Rubber backing pad - Sanding discs
Rubber backing pad with 3 mm shank (without sanding disks). The rubber pad tends to follow the contours of the work piece. Diameter 18 mm. 10 sanding discs, fine grain size (240). The replaceable sanding discs are self adhesive. Diameter...
From €2.90 *
HSS Stichel
Gravers HSS
Flat Edge Gravers, thickness of edge 2 mm, length 100 mm. Round Edge Gravers, thickness of edge 1.2 mm, length 100 mm. Onglette Gravers, thickness of back 2 mm, length 100 mm Knife Gravers, thickness of back 2 mm, length 100 mm
From €17.90 *
2 Stück Diamant Ersatzspitzen für Mini-Graviergerät
Mini engraver, 2 points
2 diamond points for Mini engraver, length 25 mm, Ø 2.35 mm.
€15.90 *
Radierer mit Messingdrahtpinsel - Durchmesser 4 mm
Pencil with brass brush
Pencil with brass brush, 
€6.50 *
Bohrschleifer (mit Bohrfutter) Proxxon Micromot 50/EF
Rotary tool 
€31.50 *
Polierset im Ständer
Polishing Set, 24 pcs.
Polishing Set includes 24 high-quality pieces in a tool  
€59.00 *
Radierer mit Glashaarpinsel - Durchmesser 2 mm
Glass fibre burnishing tool, 2 mm Ø
Glass fibre burnishing tool with plastic handle and glass fibre refill (2 mm Ø). Length 140 mm.
€6.90 *
Ersatzpinsel - Durchmesser 2 mm
Glass fibre refill, 2 mm Ø
Glass fibre refill, 2 mm Ø
€0.90 *
Grinding and Polishing Set
Grinding and Polishing Set
Grinding and Polishing Set
€8.50 *
SET: Schleif- und Polierstifte - 10 teilig
Mounted point and polisher set
Mounted point and polisher set, 10-part, fine - medium grit, total length 35 - max. 52 mm, shank diameter 2,35 - 3,0 - 3,2 mm.
€13.50 *