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Gleisklammern für Flexgleise
Track clamps
Krause clamps. For holding lengths of flexible track in position during fixing. Also enables the track to be cut precisely and laid accurately. Suitable for all makes of flexible track.
From €17.00 *
Ersatzspindelspitzen für Abziehvorrichtungen
Replacement spindle points for pullers
Replacement spindle points, hardened, for our wheel pullers and gear wheel puller. 1. 1.8 mm Ø standard (flat) 2. 1.4 mm Ø standard (flat) 3. 1.8 mm Ø pinpoint axles 4. 1.4 mm Ø pinpoint axles 5. Set for all mini wheel pullers with 4...
From €1.50 *
Radsatz Richtgerät für Modellbahn Spur H0 (mit Zubehör TT und N)
Wheel Spacer
Wheel Spacer (Back to back) measuring / setting tool for H0 wheels. The tool is supplied with 2 spindle points, one for locomotive wheel setting and one for wagon/carriage wheels fitted on pin-point bearing axles. With set of spindle...
€29.90 *
Abzieher für Räder Spur H0 (bis 35 mm Ø)
Mini wheel puller H0
Mini wheel puller for all areas of model engineering. Clamping range 3-35 mm, span depth 25 mm. Spindle point 1,8 mm Ø (No. 90 802-01), hardened. Suitable for pulling locomotive and wagon wheels H0. TIP: Please order replacement spindle...
€24.00 *
Abstandshalter für Flexgleise
Adjustable spacer
Adjustable spacer for laying flexible double tracks ensuring correct way. Two adjustable clamps are mounted on a brass rod which has a scale marked on it. Especially useful when used in conjunction with track clamps. Instruction is...
From €22.90 *
Ballpoint hexagon key wrenches
Ballpoint hexagon key wrenches with plastic handle, 2.5 mm - especially for Krause-Clamps and adjustable spacers.
€3.80 *
Spurmaß-Lehre für H0
Rail Gauge H0
Rail Gauge (idea: Frank Ottmüller). For checking DC models (14.3 mm) and Märklin (13.8 mm). Aluminium construction.
€14.80 *
XURON Gleisschneider
XURON Railway Cutter
XURON Railway Cutter made of special steel. Cuts cleanly through model railway tracks made of brass and nickel steel. Made in USA. XURON Railway Cutter brass and nickel steel XURON Railway Cutter stainless steel - MÄRKLIN
From €23.00 *
Ritzelabzieher (Abziehvorrichtung) für Modellmotoren
Gear wheel puller
Gear wheel puller. Body made of brass, spindle made of steel with 3 hardened spindle centres for axes of 1.0 - 1.5 – 2.0 mm dia. For pulling plastic and metal gear wheels from model motors. Minimum distance between motor and gear wheel 2...
€24.00 *
Abzieher für große Modellbauräder (bis 64 mm Ø)
Mini wheel puller
Mini wheel puller for all areas of model engineering. Clamping range 3-64 mm, span depth 25 mm, therefore for pulling of bigger wheels. Spindle point 1,8 mm Ø (No. 90 802-01), hardened.
€25.00 *
Komfort-Lokliege und Profilwinkel
Locomotive cradle
Locomotive cradle comfort for repairing and maintaining model railway cars and locos. Size: 360 x 165 x 60 mm with 2 angles and foam inserts. Sizes H0 - TT - N. Angles / U-profil for H0, TT or N can be ordered also separately by the piece.
From €5.20 *
Abzieher für Räder Spur TT, N und Z (bis 28 mm Ø)
Mini Wheel Puller Z, N, TT, H0
Mini Wheel Puller especially suited for very finde cast model railway wheels with plastic centres, up to 28 mm diameter (Z - N - TT - H0). With spindle point 1.8 Ø standard - for H0.
€29.00 *
Lehre für Radsatz und Gleis (Spurlehre)
Wheel and track gauge
Wheel and track gauge. For gauging wheels and tracks. Instructions supplied. H0 /16.5 mm TT / 12 mm N / 9 mm
€11.90 *
Spurmaß-Lehren für TT, N und Z
Rail Gauge Z-N-TT
Rail Gauge Z (NEM 310 - 5.3 mm) Rail Gauge N (NEM 310 - 7.4 mm) Rail Gauge TT (NEM 310 - 10.2 mm).
€7.90 *
Stufenspannzangen (2 Stück) aus Messing
Step chucks
Step chucks, set of 2 pcs. made of brass; steps of 0.5 mm. For turning wheels, discs and gear wheels in the lathe.
€34.90 *
Spannvorrichtung für Modellbahnräder Spur H0
Wheel holding fixture
Wheel holding fixture. Designed to firmly hold most train wheels H0 in the lathe, enabling turning and grooving operations to be carried out to RP 25 or NEM. Can be used on different wheel sizes and axle diameters. Instruc-tions supplied.
€59.90 *
Maßstablineale aus Aluminium
Scale rulers
Scale rulers made of aluminium, robust, solvent-resistant, scratch-resistant, weather-proof, with 30 cm metric graduation on one side and scale on the opposite side.
From €6.00 *
90° - Versatz-Vorrichtung für Kurbelräder
Wheel quartering tool
Wheel quartering tool. With the help of this tool it is possible to adjust the 90° shift of crank-wheels of steam engines exactly. The 90° shift can be precisely determined by a prisma containing a crosshair. Illustrated instructions...
€114.90 *
Aufpressbüchsen für Loks (diverse Fabrikate)
Pressure tins (diverse Fabrikate)
Pressure tins, together with set 90811 for most locomotives of FLEISCHMANN, ROCO, RIVAROSSI, LIMA, LILIPUT, PIKO makes. Set of 8 pairs on wooden board for wheel diameters 9 - 10 - 11 - 11.5 - 14.5 - 15 - 17 - 18.8 mm. Using with press...
€82.00 *
Aufpressbüchsen für Loks Märklin
Pressure tins (Märklin)
Pressure tins, specially for locomotives make MÄRKLIN. Set of 9 pairs on wooden board for wheel diameter 8 - 10.4 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 16 -18 - 20 - 22.5 mm. Using with press tool no. 90810 or on your lathe with pressing bolts no. 90817.
€93.00 *
Aufpressvorrichtung für Modellbahnräder
Press tool for H0 wheels
Press tool for H0 wheels, made of solid cast aluminium (idea: Gerd Kerberger). For horizontal and vertical use together with following pressure tins. Delivery without pressure tins.
€159.00 *
Diamant-Trennscheibe Ø 19 x 0,65 mm
Diamond cutting disc
Diamond cutting disc, encl. shank. Ø 19 x 0,65 mm, Ø 30 x 0,6 mm
From €17.00 *
Ersatzsägeblatt für Schienensäge
Saw blade without handle
Saw blade 140 mm x 32 mm, 0.3 mm thick, 20 teeth/cm. Without handle.
€7.50 *
Schienensäge für Modellbahngleise
Rail Saw
Rail Saw, blade 140 mm long, 0.3 mm thick, finest tooth (20 teeth/cm), for sawing model rails, gauge Z, N, TT, H0, 0. Also for profiles of brass, wood and plastics.
€12.50 *
Abzieher für Räder Spur N, Z und größere Uhren (bis 1,5 mm Ø)
Micro wheel puller N, Z
Micro wheel puller. For hand pulling at bigger watches with polling counter points 0,7 - 0,9 - 1,2 - 1,5 mm. Also for pulling off insulated wheels of gauge N and Z.
€64.00 *
Needle Nose Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers with plain inside jaws; width at tip only 1.5 x 0.5 mm. For holding small components as well as for holding and angling wires. Length 115 mm.
€18.00 *
Kuppler-Pinzette für Modelleisenbahn
Coupling tweezers
Coupling tweezers. (Licence REPA) Assists when coupling and de-coupling model trains gauge 0 and I being equipped with a screw coupling. Length about 150 mm, stainless steel.
€11.50 *
Spezialradiergummi für Modellbahn Schienen & Räder
Special rubber
Special rubber for cleaning of very dirty model rails and model wheels.
€5.00 *
Radsatz Richtgerät für Modellbahn Spur 0 / Spur 1
Wheel Spacer track gauche 0 and 1
Wheel Spacer (Back to back) measuring / setting tool for track gauche 0 and 1.
€49.90 *
Reibahlen - zylindrisch (knapp unter Maß zum aufpressen)
Reamer cylindrical
When fitting wheels, bushes, gears and flywheels, it is necessary to keep the bore below the dia of the axle in order to obtain a firm fit. In order to obtain the "pressure fit" it is essential that a precision table drilling machine or...
€24.90 *
Transportkoffer für H0-Fahrzeuge
Suitcase for H0-model railway
Suitcase for H0-model railway cars and locos, size 340 x 275 x 84 mm.
€39.90 * €45.00 *
Holzbohrer mit Zentrierspitze
Wood working drill with centre point
Ideal for drilling the holes for signal drives. Shank - Ø 8 mm. 12 mm Ø 13 mm Ø
€5.70 *
Stufenbohrer für Märklin Modellbahn Räder
Special step drill
Special step drill, indispensable for insulation of MÄRKLIN-wheels. Model railway wheels must be drilled for insulation in order to take in the insulating bush. Only one-step working with our special step drills. First step drills hole...
€12.50 *
Modellbahn Gleisbau: Vorstecher, Nagelheber, Nageldrücker
Naildriver, Piercing awl, Nail remover
Naildriver (background), shank contains a magnetic nail taker. Put nail into the shank and press it on the tack, ready! Piercing awl (centre), indispensable also for screwing of rails. NEW DESIGN! Nail remover (foreground), for easy...
From €4.90 *
Nietvorrichtung für Modellbau (versch. Nietköpfe)
Riveter made of steel and aluminium with 3 different drillings for half-round rivets and 3 drillings for flat-head rivets (e.g. for construction of motion for steam locomotives) on revolving table. Incl. 3 different silver steel rivet...
€74.90 *
Einstechstahl für Modellbahnräder
Grooving tool
Grooving tool. A lathe tool to cut grooves in train wheels for fitting traction tyres. Size of tool 6 x 6 x 63 mm.
€19.90 *
Pressing bolts
Pressing on your H0-wheels is also possible on your lathe by our pressing bolts: Pressing bolts, set of 2 pieces, 8 mm shank Ø, for clamping in turning- and drilling chuck. Incl. thread, for our pressure tins No. 90 811 and 90 812, which...
€14.90 *
Radprofil-Drehstähle NEM für Spur H0 (6 x 6 mm)
Wheel flange cutting tools for NEM profiles
Wheel flange cutting tool for NEM profiles (for H0 gauge). Measurement 6 x 6 mm. Instructions included.
€37.00 *
Radprofil-Drehstähle RP 25 für Spur H0 (6 x 6 mm)
Wheel flange cutting tools for RP 25 profiles
Wheel flange cutting tool for RP 25 profiles, for H0 gauge. Measurement 6 x 6 mm. Instructions included.
€37.00 *
Ersatzhaken für Abziehvorrichtungen
Replacement hooks for pullers
2 Replacement hooks for pullers.
€9.00 *
Abkantvorrichtung für Bleche
Mini Etched Sheet Bender
Mini Etched Sheet Bender, for photo-etched parts to 0.5 mm. Size 105 x 105 mm.
€79.90 *